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Email scheduler for Mac Mail.

5 Alternatives to SendLater

Simple email automation that works for Gmail

Prasad Lingawar
Prasad Lingawar- Growth @ Plivo
This list is incomplete without If no reply. Very handy tool to run cold mail campaigns without leaving Gmail. A must try for everyone.
Prasad Lingawar
Prasad Lingawar- Growth @ Plivo
Everyday using it for a year now. Thank your PH!
Prasad Lingawar
Prasad Lingawar- Growth @ Plivo
Using it since it's PH launch.
7 Alternatives to If No Reply

Send personalized emails, schedule emails directly in Gmail

Email Studio adds power tools to your Gmail including Mail Merge, Email Scheduler, Email Auto-Forwarder, Email Auto-Responder, Draft Copier, Email Purger, Unsubscriber and more. It work directly in the Gmail website and the Gmail app for Android.

Gmail Unsubscriber was ProductHunt's Lifehack of the Year and it now comes bundled with Email Studio.

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Email Studio is a Gmail addon that brings Mail Merge, Email Scheduler, Forwarder, Auto-Responder, Draft copier, Email Purge and other powerful features to yo...
With Email Studio for Gmail, you can perform mail merge directly inside the Gmail website and send personalized emails to your Google Contacts. And if you have the Gmail App on your mobile phone, you can run mail merge on the mobile as well.
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Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 29, 2018 Introducing Email Studio, our new open-source Gmail add-on that brings powerful capabilities like mail merge, email scheduler, copier and more to your Gmail mailbox. Unlike other solutions, Email Studio works directly in Gmail and you can even use it inside the Gmail App on your Android phone (with support for iPhone c… See more
10 Alternatives to Email Studio for Gmail

Email app + voice assistant from inventors of email snooze

Boomerang, the most-used extension for Gmail and Outlook, comes to the iPhone with its new email app! Use it for email, plus use your voice to get a morning briefing, reschedule meetings, find addresses and phone numbers, delete marketing email and more. Plus new gestures, new search features, and everything folks love from Boomerang on the web.

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I spent a lot of time in my inbox. Dealing with the hundreds of pitches, follow-ups, and angry emails I get each day is basically a full-time job. I really wish that wasn't the case though, but until someone builds an app that deports tech publicists to a land where there's no Internet, and the words "hope you're well" are punishable by death, it's my cross … See more
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If you're drowning in email, Boomerang's Brief Me feature might be just what you need. When it comes to the productivity grind, assistants like Siri and Alexa do a decent job of setting reminders, shouting out calendar appointments, and checking off to-do lists. But good luck getting them to make sense of your inbox.
As much as I love the Boomerang extension for Gmail, I've never been able to make full use of it because the service wasn't available on the iPhone. The developers behind Boomerang have been hard at work on an iOS app, and what they've come up with is pretty cool.
Boomerang, the email add-on that lets you control when to send email, is now a free full-featured email app on iOS. We've included the Android version in our Android download pack for years, and the app started in 2010 as a Gmail add-on, so this has been a long time coming.
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