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Secateur alternatives and competitors

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Use Secateur if you want to temporarily or permanently block or mute (or both block and mute) a Twitter account and all its followers.
Top Secateur alternatives
  • Block Party builds tools against online abuse. Our mission is to create a safer online experience by building solutions for user control, protection and safety. Use Block Party to filter out unwanted @mentions from Twitter and take control of your online experience.
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  • People learn and unlearn the most in their vulnerable moments. Being blocked is one of them. Boyfairy helps you communicate when you don't have the energy in you to defend or explain your position.
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  • Trolldor

    The global blacklist of Twitter trolls
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  • Blockistan

    Free options
    Blockistan is bringing customisable blocklists to Twitter.
    Use Blockistan to can mass-block thousands of users at once.
    You can block users based on
    - keywords in their bio
    - followers of a particular @
    - tweet a particular hashtag
    and more.
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