Alternative products to Scripted 2.0

9 alternative and related products to Scripted 2.0

Scripted 2.0
Content marketing powered by freelance writers.
9 Alternatives to Scripted 2.0

Content marketing platform to streamline content management

Contentools is a content marketing platform focused on streamlining content marketing management in all of its main pillars: planing, creation, distribution and analysis.

Lino Gill
Lino Gill- Sales & Biz Dev Practitioner
Contentools is an all-in-one content marketing platform that works perfectly for what you mentioned: content production and deadline management, with file uploading, teammates and clients review process, comments, collaboration, etc.
Lucas Taglietti
Lucas Taglietti
A great content marketing platform to plan, schedule, distribute and analyze content production.
Gustavo Canova
Gustavo Canova- Finance, Contentools
Best way to manage your content marketing strategy
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A couple of weeks ago Contentools was featured on ProductHunt, a daily curation of the best tech products. The launch generated: Besides that, the incredible amount of feedback collected, helped us refine our onboarding process and pricing strategy.
13 Alternatives to Contentools

Get unlimited written content for $199 / month

Springzo provides unlimited content written by expert content writers for a flat monthly fee! Place a request for the content you need (share the topic / outline / bullet points / audio recording / reference article) and receive professionally written content in your brand’s voice within 4-5 days.

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Top writers, on-demand for as low as $150/mo

Copydue provides vetted writers, on-demand for businesses. Users request content, and Copydue's algorithms will find the best writer in their network to take on the job. In a few days, high-quality content is delivered for review. It's that seamless.

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Improve the way you work with freelance writers

With fax you can improve the way your newsroom works with your extensive network of freelance writers. fax enables your editors to set up a database, manage story pitches and automatically inform your freelancers about the status of their articles.

5 Alternatives to fax

Put your content on autopilot with a team of expert writers.

BloomJoy's content creators keep a newsroom ahead of the curve by providing breakout stories from the web and social. BloomJoy's extensive library of pre-tested content takes the guesswork out of what to write next.

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