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10 alternative and related products to ScriptDoll

Making it easier to write great sales copy 📝
Writing sales copy doesn’t have to be hard (anymore). ScriptDoll helps you write small campaigns (5-10 emails) to Monster Endeavors (30-60 emails) that you can use to sell your product over the span of months/years. All at the touch of a few buttons.
10 Alternatives to ScriptDoll

Email is a powerful tool. Everybody in the world has an email address & you can get in touch with them. I developed these email scripts from years of practice and cold emailing. They took me from being a nobody who grew up without an impressive network in rural Pennsylvania to getting coffee with my billionaire mentors & intellectual heroes.

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Check out my follow-up piece on getting things on the calendars of Very Busy People. If I were to make a list of my personal superpowers, it would include things like finding the best diners in a city, seeing opportunities being left by others, and actually getting in the door with anybody.
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Improve your email style, email anybody 💌

Learning how to send a successful email can take years of practice and trial-by-fire. Skip the process, skip the frustration, and learn directly from my best free material on how to become an email master.

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When it comes to email, I think there's one conclusion we can all agree on: You want people to respond. Otherwise, why would you invest the time in writing them? "Well, sure," you're muttering at your computer screen right now, while shaking your head, "But that's way easier said than done."
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Clear, concise copywriting starting at $99/mo ✍

SwordPen is a straightforward copywriting service for startups, small businesses, and indie makers. We review/edit/write the copy on your landing page, website, and other marketing-related materials. Automate your copywriting with SwordPen!

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