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Simple data science collaboration & productivity on the web

4 Alternatives to ScienceBox

Artificial Intelligence that reads science

Divyansh Saini
Divyansh Saini- Products @SocialCops.
For every college student, literature review and research are inevitable for every domain of work. Iris is an artificial intelligence-based tool which lets one explore various topics from any research paper. It works brilliantly if one wants to explore a multidisciplinary problem. P.S.: It also helps in exploring TED talks and finding more about the topics … See more
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Contribute to a real scientific project in your spare time

Help a Scientist is a chrome extension that helps you discover citizen science opportunities from your browser tab.

Your contribution may help real researchers obtain real results!

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Citizen Science Salon
Featured on Product Hunt! Help a Scientist helps you discover real citizen science projects from SciStarter you can contribute to in your browser's new tab! Discover ways to advance science in your new tab. Help a Scientist replaces the new tab of your browser with an opportunity to participate in a citizen science project.
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Virtual lab managers for scientists

HappiLabs provides scientists with Virtual Lab Managers. They can do tasks like shopping for supplies and managing regulatory paperwork, so scientists can focus on solving the world’s problems. More than 350 scientists across 26 labs use the service.

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To create life-saving drugs or groundbreaking technological advancements, scientists first need the proper lab equipment. Everything from intricate and expensive specialized machines to beakers and rubber gloves must be sourced, price compared and ordered by a lab manager before even the first step...
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