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11 alternative and related products to Saatchi Art Match

Saatchi Art Match
Visually matches your photos to works of art for purchase 🖼️

Saatchi Art Match is a cool way to find beautiful works of art that are visually similar to a photos you may have taken.

11 Alternatives to Saatchi Art Match

Unique color combinations, drawn from the world of art

Google Art Palette uses computer vision algorithms to match color palettes with artwork from around the world.

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Whether helping physicians identify disease or finding photos of "hugs," AI is behind a lot of the work we do at Google. And at our Arts & Culture Lab in Paris, we've been experimenting with how AI can be used for the benefit of culture.
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Learn how to paint, one grid at a time 🖌️

Simile in a nutshell:

• Think, Guitar Hero, but for art.

• If you always wanted to draw, but never could, this game is for you.

• Your score is determined by how well you draw.

• Multiple drawing tasks combine to create a masterpiece.

• Use any photo as a starting point (or one of the curated photos)

• Paint with your friends

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Save The Machine
One idea, in particular, kept resurfacing. I just had to pursue it. To save money for the project, I moved my family to Idaho (because of the cheaper cost of living), and commuted to California weekly, where I continued to work. In California, I lived in a van.
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6 Alternatives to Simile

Procedurally made-to-order wall art is an art store where every piece of artwork is one of a kind.

This concept is called generative art, which means that the designs are generated by an algorithm with some random parameters.

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Paint your portrait in 4K using AI

AI Portraits Ars is able to paint portraits in real time at 4k resolution. You will find yourself in front of a mirror and feel thousands Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Titian portraying you moment after moment.

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The Verge
You can now use AI to turn your selfies into harrowing but artistic portraits. Head over to, home of a fun widget built by researchers at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, and upload a photo to try it out. The site uses an algorithm trained on 45,000 classical portraits to render your face in faux oils, watercolors, or ink.
A new project called AI Portraits from MIT's IBM Watson AI Lab can capture your essence in the artistic style of some of the world's great masters, using AI powered by a generative adversarial network (GAN) to actually rebuild your mug from scratch, which goes above and beyond the old t...
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