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A little robot with a lot of possibilities

Ignite your imagination with a robot that’s just as fun to play with as it is to learn from.

6 Alternatives to Root

All-in-one robot arm that turns your desktop into a workshop

Hexbot is an all-in-one desktop robotic arm with drawing, writing, laser engraving, and 3D printing to make users bring their ideas to life easily! Up to 0.05 mm high precision, noiseless design, easy-to-use software, and more than 6 functional modules.

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A few recent technologies have drastically changed the way we make things and learn. 3D printing has opened the floodgates for makers and tinkerers to create all kinds of things previously possible only with an assembly line. Robotics has also given the younger generation a more exciting introduction to science and technology.
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If you want a versatile robot arm, today's market really only offers two options: expensive industrial robots, or glorified toys. Low-end models may look similar to "real" robot arms, but they don't...
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An open-source robotic kitten 😻

Nybble is a robotics kitten that changes its movement, behavior, and CAT-itude as you program it and help it grow. Built on an open source platform, Nybble has endless possibilities in the way you can "teach" tricks, make it faster, and make friends by communicating with other Nybble owners.

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Hi there, This is Rongzhong from Pittsburgh. Eight months after my first post on OpenCat, I have quite a lot to update. Most importantly, I'm going to launch my first kitten on Indiegogo on Monday, Oct 22nd! The kitten's name is Nybble. Links will be posted here, on my twitter @PetoiCamp, or on
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