Alternative products to Roomba

9 alternative and related products to Roomba


A WiFi-connected robot vacuum by iRobot

9 Alternatives to Roomba

A Robot Lawn Mower from the creators of Roomba 🌻

Meet Terra, the latest product line from iRobot destined to be forever known as the “Roomba for lawns.” It comes bundled with a smartphone app that gives you full customisation over things such as blade height.

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iRobot, the maker of the Roomba vacuum, announced its first autonomous lawnmower today, the Terra. While most autonomous lawn mowers require people to lay down wire to define their boundaries, the Terra only requires wireless beacons to be placed around the perimeter of a lawn - the idea being it's a simpler setup.
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iRobot is already home to a bunch of bestselling smart home devices, most notably its Roomba robot vacuum, and now the smart device manufacturer is heading outside the home by releasing a new robot lawnmower called Terra, which will use Roomba's mapping technology and a new wireless communications system.
Meet Terra, the latest product line from iRobot destined to be forever known as the "Roomba for lawns." There are worse names, of course. After all, with the Roomba line, iRobot was able do what countless startups have tried and failed before and after - introduce a truly mainstream home robot.
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Roomba for picking up your tennis balls

Tennibot picks up tennis balls for you, saving the time and hassle of picking up a million tennis balls.

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Tennibot is the world's first autonomous tennis ball collector. on the TechCrunch Disruptshow from TechCrunch TV
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POWERbot Star Wars Edition is a limited edition robotic vacuums. Designed as a tribute to the movies, each one packs the ultimate cleaning power in the shape of your favorite villains.

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It's nearing the end of the year, and Star Wars fans have much to be grateful for. The latest trailer for The Last Jedi dropped last night, and tickets to the flick are now on sale for select parts of the US.
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