Alternative products to RookieUp Career Bootcamps

10 alternative and related products to RookieUp Career Bootcamps

RookieUp Career Bootcamps

Tools to help designers build great portfolios and get jobs.

RookieUp provides tools and short-term bootcamps to help aspiring UX/UI and Visual Designers bridge the gap between their creative education and their first design jobs. Work with a mentor to build your portfolio, create an amazing portfolio website, practice interviewing, and apply to jobs!

10 Alternatives to RookieUp Career Bootcamps

A free digital and print kit to help run your own workshop

This hands-on workshop will give you and your team a simple, fun and reusable process using the basic principles of Design Thinking for creating new features, apps or products.

It will take you from nurturing empathy, idea generation, right the way through to sketching and creating interactive prototypes, in sessions that can fit into an hour!

5 Alternatives to The Design Thinking Workshop Kit

A treasure trove of Sketch app resources

A treasure trove of Sketch app resources. Sharing gems in learning, plugins & design tools for fans of Sketch by @jydesign *Independently advocating since 2014*

Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
If you're looking to create flows in a design tool, look at some resources on Sketch Hunt. This one might be what you're looking for:
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Q: What happened to Sketch Hunt? A: I've retired Sketch Hunt starting in 2018, in favor of my personal Twitter & Blog - please follow @jydesign and bookmark My original impulse to maintain Sketch Hunt was to fill a void at that time.
17 Alternatives to Sketch Hunt

A new interaction design tool

Sarah Kuehnle
Sarah Kuehnle- Head of Product @ Dribbble
I love the flexibility of Framer Studio. With new updates for quickly adding components, working with Type, an active community sharing their work, and easily sharing animations and transitions with developers, this is a tool I can't live without. It's easy to share my prototypes with the team using Framer Cloud too. Can't say enough about this awesome tool.
9 Alternatives to Framer Studio

Awesome tools to help you launch and manage your career.

Clarify equips you with the necessary tools to help you launch and manage your career, from achievement journaling to evaluation preparation and individual development plans.

Your boss won't be the only one prepared at this year's performance review.

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Today we released a new update to our Clarify Report that you can take advantage of right away. We've completely redesigned the look and feel, and have brought to front and center all of your information on one page, formatted and ready for PDF export. With your Clarify Report, you
About a month ago we wrote explaining we were dusting off and taking on an old side-project of ours that was near and dear to us at the time, three years ago in 2015. Today we can write that after 10...
5 Alternatives to Clarify

Prototyping tool for animation and interaction

Lisa Dziuba
Lisa Dziuba- Founder
they have a huge pack of sales for creative people
Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Framer put together a list of Black Friday deals with many helpful SaaS products.
David Adamu
David Adamu- Maker. Product Designer @Andela
As a Product designer, Framer does it for me.
5 Alternatives to Framer
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