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Riot.im alternatives and competitors

2 reviews

Liberate your communication!

Riot is an open source chat app built on the Matrix standard.

End-to-end encryption, choose your server (public, run your own, get your custom one on Modular.im): Riot brings data ownership for everyone!

Top alternatives for Riot.im

MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Slack

    Slack is a collaboration hub for work, no matter what work you do. It’s a place where conversations happen, decisions are made, and information is always at your fingertips. With Slack, your team is better connected.

    As a remote designer, this is a must have. I'm always contactable and available. Super easy way to also have quick calls and communicate wit…

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  • Slack Beta

    1 review
    A faster and nicer Slack built on Electron

    While I'm satisfied with everything, the quality of communication, better than in Skype.

  • Mattermost 1.0

    2 reviews
    Alternative to proprietary SaaS messaging, Mattermost brings team communication into one place making it searchable and accessible anywhere. Written in Golang & React and run as a production-ready Linux binary under an MIT license with either MySQL or Postgres

    Mattermost is a breeze to install, configure and run. No flakiness, dependencies or arcane error messages. That's gives confidence to to run…

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  • Slack Voice Chat by Standuply

    3 reviews

    /voice command for Slack to send voice messages to your teammates.

    We know you wanted it - so here it is 😎

    Love it. We need mores tools like this: simple apps, not subscription services

  • Microsoft Kaizala

    4 reviews
    Microsoft Kaizala is a secure, chat-based productivity & messaging app that enables effective communication and collaboration among employees, vendors, and customers. The inbuilt action cards makes it perfect for large group communications.

    Used this for sales team

  • Tact

    3 reviews
    Tact is a simple native chat app for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. It works with iCloud and does not require you to create an account — this means it is private and free of unwanted connections.
  • Keychat

    Start a free secure and private chat with anyone. It's easy as sharing a unique code and allowing access. All messages are public key encrypted. And, whats the best part? You don't have to signup to start using it!
    Update: You can now share join links!
  • ShortPoint

    1 review

    ShortPoint is a subscription software that helps teams build gorgeous and engaging intranets with no coding from their existing content systems, such as Office 365, SAP Portal and SharePoint.

    Definitely recommend this product!

  • Pingpong

    2 reviews
    pingpong is a beautiful messaging app that combines the best parts of chat and email to prioritize your team's focus and eliminate needless interruptions. It’s the antidote to the frenetic, distracted way of working caused by current chat apps.

    My team has been part of the beta and we love it so far! It's really nice coming from other messaging apps where I feel like I'm constantly …

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  • Rolo Secure Chat

    Free options
    💬 Rolo Secure Chat is a chat/calling app for iPhone + Android, with all chats end-to-end encrypted by BlackBerry.
    Rolo offers:
    ✅ No sharing of your data with unwanted third parties;
    ✅ No tracking of your online activity
    ✅ No access of your messages by us