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22 alternative and related products to Restyaboard


An open source alternative to Trello

22 Alternatives to Restyaboard

Organize anything, together

Trello is a web-based project management application with a beautiful card-based UI.

Nick Stone
Nick Stone- Digital Content Manager
I moved over to Trello about a year ago and every day I do something new with it that blows my mind would highly recommend at least taking a look
Matthieu de Luze
Matthieu de Luze- Co-Founder @ Studiolabs & Social Media
What about that good old Trello?
Dave Martin
Dave Martin- Founder, Call of the Brave
Trello can be so much more than a just a to do list but does that job very well
78 Alternatives to Trello

Upwave is a collaboration platform. Based on Nordic design principles, Upwave is the most visual, flexible and intuitive platform. Teams in 30 countries around the globe use Upwave to save time and money by reducing endless meetings, mails and messages. It increases productivity, improves collaboration and eliminates bottlenecks.

7 Alternatives to Upwave

Seamless time-tracking & visual project-management tool

Leo Bosch
Leo Bosch- full stack eng.
Definitely the best one I've tried, and try a few I did (!). No other allows quite as deep customization, so many own card fields, automation feature and effortless time tracking. Believe me, it's worth a try.
Karina Schleu
Karina Schleu- civil engineer
My boss implemented the self-hosted version of kanbantool at work. We absolutely could not live without it.
Susane Vega Dávila
Susane Vega Dávila- Oracle Expert
Easy and effective, kanbantool is all I need.
24 Alternatives to Kanban Tool

Trelloist is a Kanban board for Todoist that lets you create, manage and track your Todoist tasks on a full-screen Kanban board.

Trelloist is serverless and talks directly to the Todoist API meaning your tasks stay private and everything is synced with all your Todoist apps securely and instantly.

11 Alternatives to Trelloist

Turn your Evernote into Trello

Save time by getting a quick Kanban view of your notes

Carlos Bernabeu
Carlos Bernabeu- Serial entrepreneur from Madrid
Very good integration with Evernote, and with the new redesign, the UI is perfect!
Sandoche- Founder of Kanbanote, Maker and Learner!
I built this service and use it in my daily life for GTD purpose combined with Evernote of course. I cannot live without it anymore since 2014!
Andr Nevar
Andr Nevar
Good one
14 Alternatives to Kanbanote

Plan, track & collaborate with your team

As as designer its always been hard for me to manage my task, hours and getting feedback. It would always get missed between those long email and you never know how many hours you have spent and your team have worked on. With Managly we tried to achieve all this points and make project managers, freelancers life easy. This is beta so show some love

34 Alternatives to Managly

A visual layout to track & sync teamwork

Team to-do lists are most powerful when they’re connected to everyone you work with.

Azendoo boards help you visualize and organize your work all in the one place, and switch between views at any moment: lists, boards or calendar

Around the web
Azendoo - Blog
As announced in our latest roadmap article, we have been working on a board view for your tasks. After a period of internal testing and another of closed beta with a small circle of clients, we are excited to release the board view for all Azendoo users. Board view The
Azendoo - Blog
Following the new Azendoo boards launch, we are announcing a new import in Azendoo: the Trello import. This import works just as you would expect, importing your Trello cards and turning them into Azendoo tasks. It also makes moving your work from Trello to Azendoo quick and easy. Export your
9 Alternatives to Azendoo Task Boards

✅ From todo list to daily kanban 📅

Simple yet multi-functional todo webapp.

from todo lists to daily kanban to color coding..we've got you covered..for free!

Biraj Ghosh
Biraj Ghosh- Making beautiful products
I bet this is what you are looking for, cause I made this exactly because I was in your place
Biraj Ghosh
Biraj Ghosh- Making beautiful products
You will love this if simplicity without compromising functionality is what you are looking for.
Biraj Ghosh
Biraj Ghosh- Making beautiful products
For day to day task will be helpful with it's daily kanban, and it is totally free. You can also add todo lists separately with color coding and tags based organization. Recurring tasks are also coming soon.
6 Alternatives to Tidily

Kanban Software for Lean Management

Kanbanize was born out of necessity for higher productivity and efficiency.

Dima Moroz
Dima Moroz- Digital Marketer
Much more powerful than most of the Kanban-centered apps. Has workflow automation rules, boards & swimlanes, email integration and a powerful predictive analytics suite
Pavel Naydenov
Pavel Naydenov- Online Marketing Expert SEM/SEO
It is a great product. Really flexible and full of features. Analytics panel where you can forecast future work. Plenty of integrations with other tools. I will say it is a bit more complex because of its many features, but it is user friendly, so people can adapt easy. Free trial is available for 30 days.
7 Alternatives to Kanbanize

Lean project management, simplified

Natasha Sh
Natasha Sh- BA, Customer Support Specialist
Elegant, intuitive and great for procrastinators :) I've tried everything, but this one is a keeper.
Natasha Sh
Natasha Sh- BA, Customer Support Specialist
Elegant, intuitive and great for procrastinators :) I've tried everything, but this one is a keeper.
Ethan- 👨‍💻👨‍🎤 Making KanbanMail & Code The Web
A great Kanban board application - the two main standout features are a time-tracking timer (with pomodoro option), and swimlanes. Fair prices too (they have a free tier as well)
9 Alternatives to KanbanFlow

A team collaboration app for keeping track of important data

The perfect solution for your organization

Organizing your business, event or team members has never been easier. KANBANSI will easily adapt to your needs, keep track of important data and keep your coworkers synchronized.

Around the web
Developed by BAD SISTEMS LLC, after encountering challenges in their track management and production process, KANBANSI is a multi-purpose software for all organizations, so long they follow a process in their activities. The application is suitable for all organizations because it has varying functions that should cut across any organization.
Ukoliko svaki dan provodite mnogo vremena organizujući saradnike i poslovne aktivnosti, KANBANSI je rešenje za vas. Kreirao ga je BAD SISTEMS, kao višenamensko rešenje za različite tipove organizacije, ali nije važno šta je KANBANSI za nas i kako je nastao, važno je šta KANBANSI može biti za vas i kako ćete ga koristiti.
Niške Vesti
Preduzeće BAD SISTEMS d.o.o. iz Niša je nedavno razvilo KANBANSI web aplikaciju, sa ciljem da predstave razvoj projekata ili ideje na jednostavan i pregledan način, došli su na ideju da kreiraju aplikaciju koja će povezati interese menadžmenta i potrebe radnika, tako da informacije budu dostupne svima, na različitim mestima i različitim uređajima.
KANBANSI - Perfect solution for your needs
5 Alternatives to KANBANSI

Measure & optimize your team productivity

Teams can now use a lot of tools to build products but it can be hard to get an overview of projects and know what's going on.

Squadlytics produces opinionated metrics to help you keep the pulse on your project and address issues early.

We just opened our beta today with support for Jira, Bitbucket, Github. We'd be super happy to see you join!

9 Alternatives to Squadlytics Beta

Automatically schedule your tasks to meet deadlines.

Bigticks is a simple web app that helps you get on top of your work by automatically scheduling your tasks to meet deadlines.

Around the web
Time management tips are more common than tattoos on a football player. And I bet you feel like you've heard them all. So why are you here? Maybe you haven't found a good way to make all those time...
6 Alternatives to Bigticks

Jira Integration Plus for Stride supercharges the speed at which you create, assign, and transition work in Jira—without ever leaving Stride.

The solution works for Jira Server and Cloud and a one time setup process enables the integration for all of your rooms.

Get more done in Stride with Jira Integration+

Around the web
Our path to developing our Jira integration for Stride started on a Friday afternoon back in March. We were wrapping up our week and planning to take some much needed R&R when we received a message via Intercom. It went like this... Turquoise Camel from Phoenix: Real person here or bot?
Turn down the air conditioning because this newest app in our Marketplace is going to blow your socks off. Today we're sharing an incredibly powerful and flexible app, Integration+ for Jira in Stride, built by our partner, It will supercharge the speed at which you create, assign, and transition work in Jira-without ever leaving Stride.
5 Alternatives to Jira Integration Plus for Stride
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