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Reji alternatives and competitors

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Save words that you want to learn. Reji will help you learn them and never forget again.

Top Reji alternatives
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  • Duolingo Bots are powered by artificial intelligence and react differently to thousands of possible answers.

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    Duolingo is the best language tool I've found so far, and the bots are a big feature win

  • Lingvist uses machine learning to adapt to you based on what you know and to level-up your language learning power with trackable progress. Try it today and boost your knowledge! Learn French, Spanish, German, Russian – or English from one of 12 different languages.

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    I've tested the "learn english from french" part, this application is really great for learning vocabulary.

  • Fluent helps you learn French, Spanish, and Italian (soon) while you browse the web. Pick up new words while you read techcrunch, shitpost on twitter, or chat with buddies on messenger.
    Fluent makes learning every day addicting. Add Fluent to Chrome for free
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  • Learn languages completely free.
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    Duolingo is great to quickly learn the basics of a language. However, you will need another app or service if you want to learn in deep.

  • Toucan 2.0

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    We tidied our nest, spiffed up our feathers and updated our algorithms! Toucan can now help you learn a new language on Safari, Chrome and Edge.
    Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Hebrew, Hindi, English
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  • Eunoia is a searchable directory for words that *don't* translate. Search by word, language, or tag.

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    I know where I'll look next time I stumble upon that kind of word. It's actually pretty fun to just browse the list.

  • Duolingo is announcing a new venture: Brewolingo, limited-release craft beer varieties designed to help language learners finally reach fluency.

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  • 4Cards

    4Cards is an vocabulary App to learn great words to sound smarter during presentations, meetings & social gatherings. 4Cards teaches just 1 word at a time, 4 words in a day, which means a person can learn 1400+ great words in an year. 4Cards App also shows the meaning of the words in native language of the user for better memorisation of words.

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  • Learn the fundamental words of 28 language in your augmented reality via beautiful artistic low-poly 3D models! Drops is an effortless, visual language learning app which is loved by millions of language learners and Apple: featured in 100+ countries.

    Android Beta is coming soon!

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    Looking forward to the new AR improvements!

  • Language Drops

    Effortless, visual language learning.

    Word by word, Drops helps you learn new vocabulary through fun, fast-paced games with simple mnemonic images.

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  • Simply Learn Japanese

    Learn Japanese with 1000 phrases and intelligent flashcards
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  • Backwords is a tiny tool that empowers your desktop. Every day one foreign word will be displayed in the background. Day by day, you'll learn a language right from your wallpaper.

    Currently available in four languages:

    • Chinese (Mandarin, simplified characters)

    • Korean

    • Japanese (Kanji)

    • Dutch

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    I'm a PC user so I can't use that app, but anyway is a great product!

  • Learnji

    Learnji is an app to learn languages/vocabulary with emoji.

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  • EmojiStone

    Practice language through playing with emoji
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  • Learn 50 languages with Master Ling. Learn a new language by playing games and chatting with our Bot. Ling includes 200 lessons recorded by native speakers.
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    I have to speak many times until (sometimes) accepted

  • Kanso is a simple solution for Japanese language learners. Build a solid foundation from the beginning, learn only the essentials, study everything offline and share your progress along the way!

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    The app takes the learning process slow and easy and uses repetition for reinforcement. Even after just 1 hour of using it, I've felt like I…

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  • The Examiners

    A machine learning-based quiz and flashcard generator for bioscience and medical students. Users simply upload a lecture or their notes and within seconds receive personalized study aids.
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  • Word Chain

    Word Chain is a simple, fun and educational Word Puzzle Game which you can play with your friends & family or alone with Wordy - our Intelligent Word Bot.

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  • ConjuGato will help you master the hardest part of the Spanish language – verb conjugations. Try it free and become fluent faster!

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    It sounds like an obvious app to exist, but I couldn't find anything like this after searching for a while in the past! ConjuGato has just h…

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  • CleverDeck

    Learn languages more efficiently with spaced repetition
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