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24 alternative and related products to Refind

Share and discover stellar marketing content

Rebecca Pollard- Digital Marketing Manager, AWeber
Read it all day while opening up new tabs on your computer.
Rebecca Pollard- Digital Marketing Manager, AWeber
Love this for first thing in the morning to catch up on all of the marketing news!
Rebecca Pollard- Digital Marketing Manager, AWeber
Doesn't have ALL of the features you're looking for but its close. Check it out for sure - I love it!
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Nuzzel 2.0

Discover top news stories & feeds from your friends

Craig Deakin- Product evangelist + marketing
Make sure you don't miss anything, discover breaking news.
Ben Tossell- newCo
Goes without saying...pulls together all the most popular reads based on who you follow on Twitter. Lots of people don't understand why Twitter hasnt bought Nuzzel and integrated it into the platform
Allen lee- Functions Fund
You can easily digest the most trending news on Twitter based on the people you follow.
36 Alternatives to Nuzzel 2.0


Discover, collect, and share the best of the web

Mix is a new way to discover and curate interesting content you find on the internet. We’re not (yet another) source for breaking news -- we take you deeper into the things that interest you most and help you discover cool stuff.

8 Alternatives to Mix


Save, read and share your links

With Linkpack you can save your links for later, read them and even have them narrated automatically! You links are always synced between the app and your Dropbox account, meaning that you can use your Mac or PC to organize them as files and folders.

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Find your next favorite movie 🎬

Re is a Recommendation Engine which uses advanced machine learning techniques to curate a tailor made list of things that users might like. Currently, Re recommend movies. However, service can be extended to a range of products such as clothing, electronics, TV shows and likes. Re is completely free as a service and open to collaboration.

12 Alternatives to Re


Get recommendations for any topic: music food movies + - discover your next favorite anything. Use your likes and dislikes to find anything from movies to food around you that you should love

Use Gusta to find great music, movies, food, and anything in between
12 Alternatives to Gusta


Professional network to share industry news and analysis

Tarik Kurspahic- EVP Technology | CTO TeamData
Easily share what you are reading online
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Quibb is an awesome community of people in tech that love to share articles/news and learn from one another. @sandimac's done an awesome job curating and growing the community, and many people use it for the daily email alone.
Vinish Garg- Co-founder @mystippi @ContentHug
Quibb is another great tech newsletter for its variety and consistency in sharing news. I am The Hustle, Mattermark, Benedict Evans, Launch Ticker, along with Quibb too... for a long time now.
10 Alternatives to Quibb


See what everyone are bookmarking

GGather is a place where you save, organize, share & discover all of the wonderful internet stuff that you don't want to lose.

Dominik Serafin- Trying to get out of the bubble.
I'm biased but I really think this is the best tool to save your bookmarks. The bookmarks discovery is not yet at high levels since this is new thing and not much people know about it - but this will change in future.
Dominik Serafin- Trying to get out of the bubble.
Bookmark notes, bookmarks rating, human-friendly tags, neat search & filters and a lot of other things make this one of the best bookmarks managers there is.
🤔- Co-Founder (Also founder) of Nothing
Why? Easy usage, viewer feature (that's really cool), nice UI, social and more specs!
3 Alternatives to GGather


Recommendations from the people that know you best

Reklist eliminates the endless scrolling when deciding what to watch. Keep track of movies & shows you want to watch & recommendations from the people that know your tastes best.

You can use Reklist to send & receive movie & show recommendations from friends, store your personal watchlist, and mark & rate movies and shows you've watched.

9 Alternatives to Reklist

What's the best app to follow many websites, blogs without RSS, medium collections, etc. ?

Stefan Ritterbuilding @ruumapp
Refind - Worth your attention
"I love Refind, because I can follow what and who I like to read, and it also has a community aspect. Feedly used to be my never loved feed … See more
Panda 5 Beta - A smart news reader, powered by integrations.
"Great place to see all news in one place"

Favorite product to surface great content to read?

Ben LangSpoke
Nuzzel 2.0 - Discover top news stories & feeds from your friends
"Goes without saying...pulls together all the most popular reads based on who you follow on Twitter. Lots of people don't understand why Twi… See more
Inside - A mobile news start-up founded by @Jason
"Inside has quickly become my daily go-to newsletter for relevant content on a range of topics. It's a no-frills “content first” format that… See more

What is your favorite app/plugin to save and organize sites/links in your web browser?

Leonardo M JaquesBrazil, 23. Crypto & Social Impact.
Instapaper - Save articles to Read Later
"Yea I have to say I like Instapaper's UI the best, super clean and clear. Also the bookmarklet feature is niice!" 4.0 - All in one bookmark manager become even better
"Probably raindrop is the best. I've been using it for years after Delicious was spoilt. And still it never let me down, I always recommend … See more

What are your most used tools for online reading?

Andrei KamarouskiPhD in Sociology.
Atlas Recall - A searchable photographic memory for your digital life
"I never liked bookmarking, and never got into other apps that saved content for reading later (always forgot to read later - always reading… See more
Instapaper - Save articles to Read Later
"I've been using this a lot more lately since the service went completely free. I used to bounce between this and Pocket, but IP has got me … See more
Nuzzel - The super-easy way to see news from your friends
"This app curates all the articles and blogs that hit my Twitter feed. It also sends me a daily newsletter with them. I love that I can als… See more
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