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Find and Read Articles on Wikipedia from your Mac menu bar!

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Qwiki is an app that hides in your menu bar, until you really need to search for that vital bit of information.

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What are the best apps that utilize MacBook touch bar?

Bahaa GalalCTO & Co-Founder of Crowd Analyzer
Drop - Beautiful color picker with Touch Bar support
"I really like this TouchBar implementation, and would be very good for a UI Developer"
TouchSwitcher - Switch between apps with just the Touch Bar
"This app was made specifically to make the Touch Bar useful."
Qwiki - Find and Read Articles on Wikipedia from your Mac menu bar!
"Pretty much every feature is available from the touch bar"

What is your favorite macOS menubar app?

Sindre SorhusMaker · macOS Developer · Open-Sourcerer
Bartender 2 - Organize and hide menu bar items on your Mac
"It's awesome. I hide almost everything I click once a day and let just Fantastical + VPN + WIFI + Battery + Clock"
f.lux - Adjusts your computer's display to adapt to the time of day
"I've been letting macOS handle this recently, but the Apple offering is still very limited. f.lux is still far superior. Per app exclusions… See more

What are the best applications for the Apple Touch Bar on the Macbook Pro?

Tom KinniburghMobile Guru, Founder, Gamer
Qwiki - Find and Read Articles on Wikipedia from your Mac menu bar!
"I'm not sure if it's one of the best, but I implemented support for the Touch Bar on my app for every function!"

What is a must have app for students?

Dayyan SmithMachine Learning @ TU Berlin & T-Labs
Grammarly - Clear, effective, mistake-free writing.
"I don't know any other product in the market that does what Grammarly does. Combined with Hemingway App, this has been my 1-2 combo for wel… See more
Evernote - Note taking gets even simpler
"Evernote was my "go to" app when I was in both college and law school; it can handle everything thrown its way! Moreover, it goes everywhe… See more
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