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PTO Genius
Turn your PTO into currency
You’re not getting the most from your PTO. Increase employee happiness, retention and engagement, all with the benefit you already have.
3 Alternatives to PTO Genius

Vacation Tracker for Slack helps your team request, approve and manage leaves. Get set up in minutes, and accurately roadmap future work knowing who'll be in the office when.

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Vacation Tracker
Vacation Tracker is a simple tool to keep track of when your team members are on vacation or away from the office. We've been working around the clock in order to make a simple tool which will save HR departments hours every week, and improve their leave management process.
Vacation Tracker
Taking some time off should be simple, and stress-free. After all, that's one of the reasons for taking time off. To relax and come back to work with a clear mind. We at Vacation Tracker, are working around the clock to make the entire experience even easier, both for team members and administrators.
Vacation Tracker
For a while now, one of our most requested features has been the option to request half-days. And we're more than happy to announce that we've added this amazing feature to a long list of features already available on Vacation Tracker. With Vacation Tracker it's never been easier to request vacations, days off or half-days.
Amazon Web Services
Guest post by AWS Serverless Hero Slobodan Stojanović. Slobodan is the co-author of the book Serverless Applications with Node.js; CTO of Cloud Horizon, a software development studio; and CTO of Vacation Tracker, a Slack-based, leave management app. Slobodan is excited with serverless because it allows him to build software faster and cheaper.
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PTO Ninja is the #1 Slack App for Time Off, used by hundreds of teams worldwide. 🌎Get rid of that primitive piece of junk you're currently tracking time off with and upgrade to something that actually helps your team prepare for absences. Try it for free! 👍

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