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Product Hunt 4.0 alternatives and competitors

Product Hunt is the place to discover your next favorite thing, now with badges, descriptions, reviews, and a bunch more.

Top alternatives for Product Hunt 4.0

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  • Preview Hunt

    Preview Hunt is a tool that Preview and Prepare your Product Hunt submission.

    This is just a great idea for users to see what their product will look like before it's on ProductHunt :)

  • Thingtesting

    Thingtesting is a place to find and explore new brands. The IG account was started by a London-based VC, Jenny Gyllander to enlighten your meme filled instafeed! 🥑

    Hunter Walk called her "The Best VC on Instagram".

    I think Jenny is really onto something very special with Thingtesting. I met Jenny in LA after connecting with her on IG and shared the Brig…

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  • History of Product Hunt

    Academy about Product Hunt is a set of courses about Product Hunt, the first one being the story behind Ryan Hoover's success in building one of the most active communities of tech early adopters.

    Academy ocean is really useful and easy to use. You definitely have to try it if you want to create courses for your users.

    Great for sales, …

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  • Launching Next

    Showcasing the world's most promising new startups every day
  • Betatesters.io

    Betatesters.io is a platform where developers and beta testers come together to build better apps. Mobile developers will be able to submit their beta apps to gather feedback to iterate quicker, ship better apps faster, and cultivate a dedicated user base early on.

  • EllisX 2.0

    Getting attention for your startup is not easy, but our platform makes it simple. EllisX connects startups with high-quality podcasts, writers and speaking engagements based on mutual interest. Connect with them in 2 clicks. Yes, it’s that easy.
  • Product Hero

    Free to download e-book featuring information from makers who have launched on Product Hunt including how they prepared for their launch.

  • Upvoted.

    Upvoted is the place to discover #nocode tools and products in a product hunt style website. New tools and product are hunted daily by the #nocode community. A project by NoCodeDevs!
  • Beta Family 2.0

    We have just released the new version of our crowd testing service. Our goal is to make beta testing easy, accessible and qualitative. We have worked very hard with this update and are proud of the results. All feedback is welcome!

    I have been using beta family site from last 5 years, and i have seen its growth a ..

  • BetaList

    Discover tomorrow's startups, today.
  • The Hack Stack

    The Hack Stack is place where you can list any cool products that you've either discovered, or made. It's designed to be meritocratic and free of distractions / clutter. It's just about the products.
  • Under Glass

    Under Glass provides inspiration through a balanced and in-depth view of great digital product design happening worldwide and how those products connect with people.

    Underglass is a great source of inspiration from apps that do things well. It gives you an in depth understanding of the patterns successful…

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  • Passerine

    Passerine is an open-source, cross-platform Product Hunt desktop app built with Electron. Inspired by @caprine

    Looks Good

  • Daku (Alpha)

    View every product, get attracted to the product, if you like it we will take you to the Product Hunt page and you can see complete detailed info. about the product.
    With Daku, you can discover all new apps, games books, and podcasts on a daily basis
  • Need A Beta Tester?

    A place to get a great beta tester
  • Startup Buffer

    Startup Buffer is a premium startup directory for emerging startups. We promote startups on our website, mobile apps, and social networks.

  • Just Launched

    Just Launched is a clean and simple alternative to startup indexes like Product Hunt, BetaList and BetaPage. With just one featured product a day readers can dive further into your product, and for makers, there's no competition!
  • PH Bench for Chrome

    PH Bench for Chrome is a free in-browser recommendation and benchmarking tool based on Product Hunt API, sentiment analysis and machine learning.

  • ClaporSlap

    ClapOrSlap is like Tinder for Products. You can slap or clap 👏 a product without knowing its number of upvotes 👍 or makers on product hunt.
    #WEIRD-Fact : 121 people have slapped Tesla 🤨.
    #FUN-Fact : Ship 2.0 got the most claps 💓

    i need some sound notifications

  • LATAM.tech

    LATAM.tech is publication that covers the Latin American startup scene for an English-speaking audience.

    Focusing on regions such as Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America, LATAM Tech brings you the latest news on up-and-coming startups, investments, E-commerce, FinTech, and more.

    Awesome journalists and subjects.