Alternative products to Product Graveyard

8 alternative and related products to Product Graveyard

Product Graveyard

Commemorating the most memorable dead products

A space to commemorate products that have shut down operations or have been acquired. Each profile includes information about the product's shutdown circumstances, possible alternatives, and a comments section for users to leave a eulogy or funny story.

8 Alternatives to Product Graveyard

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Ayush Mittal
Ayush Mittal- bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌
Maybe AskPH more than PH now.
Arun Sathiya
Arun Sathiya- Happiness Engineer, Automattic
Because Ask ProductHunt is the new Twitter. ;)
Amrith Shanbhag
Amrith Shanbhag- Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd
Without this, I wouldn't have found myself a community that I'm 💯 proud to be a part of :)
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Learn how to build a profitable startup

A community of founders learning together. We have interviews with the founders of failed and successful startups, articles about entrepreneurship, and carefully curated resources to make you a better founder.

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Die meisten Startups legen eine Bruchlandung hin, doch nur wenige von ihnen sprechen darüber. Eine neue Website will das ändern. Mehr als 80 Prozent aller Neugründungen scheitern innerhalb der ersten drei Jahre, einige Zahlen gehen auch von 90 Prozent aus. Darüber weiß heute fast jeder Bescheid.
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