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Product Designer Daily
A daily digest of product designer jobs, products & articles

Product Designer Daily is my latest side project experiment. Each day I hand-curate a list of jobs, products, and articles for product designers.

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12 Alternatives to Product Designer Daily

Product Disrupt is a curated list of resources to learn product design from the internet. Think of it as a guide to your DIY design education. Just starting out or a PRO, the resources listed here are going to remain relevant at all stages of your career.

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I launched version 2.0 of my side-project Product Disrupt on Product Hunt this Easter Monday and with the love and support from the community, it became the #2 product of the day with 649 upvotes. For some context, I've been running this website and the newsletter for almost 3 years now and have grown the number of subscribers to 2500 over the years.
Product Disrupt gathers multiple curated resources to learn product design. From blogs to podcasts, books, makers, YouTube channels, and so much more. Built by Darshan Gajara, this website aims to be a guide for your DIY design education. Also, it will help you grow through the different stages of your product design career.
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