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8 alternative and related products to Privacy Button

Privacy Button
GDPR compliance for your website

The Privacy Button is a Consent Management Plattform ("CMP") that enables you to obtain, manage and document the consent of your website visitors - GDPR- and ePrivacy-compliantly. It's easy to set up, fully customizable and user intuitive.

8 Alternatives to Privacy Button

Want to make your brand data ethical without degrading UX? Metomic's consent manager is the new way to ask users for cookie consent in a way that's beautifully designed, trustworthy, and compliant with privacy regulations around the world. For free.

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The conversation surrounding 'consent' in terms of data is dark and messy. Time to get a torch, I think. First thing's first: what do I even mean when I say 'data'? Let's just look at data as information. It could be information about yourself, about someone else, about the colour...
🎵 Blue moon, you saw me standing alone with a trillion other humans 🎵 When Jeff Bezos woke up one morning and finally realised that we've accidentally spent many decades pounding the earth into toxic mulch, he did what any other sane multi-billionaire would do: he announced that we should...
8 Alternatives to The End of Cookie Banners, by Metomic

Uncovering the myths of Incognito & Private browsing

This project is a proof of concept that any website can identify and track you, even if you are using private browsing or incognito mode in your web browser. Many people think that they can hide their identity if they are using private browsing or incognito mode. This project will prove that they are wrong.

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To see an example of tracking even in incognito mode, try out this simple demo:
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Usuários que recorrem a janelas ou abas de navegação anônima em browsers podem pensar que estão protegidos ou incógnitos em relação às ações que fazem na web. Esse recurso - como bem informam navegadores como Chrome e Firefox - apenas dá uma proteção superficial (não aceita cookies, não armazena histórico).
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Embed and Scan for GDPR compliance on your website

Together with a few partners, we developed a small nifty little web widget to scan a website for GDPR compliance.

Partners can easily embed the widget to their website and earn a commission when people sign up using the widget. More details s

Typical businesses, as we see now, who embed the web widget are consultancy companies working with compliance, data privacy, security and technology.

18 Alternatives to GDPR Scan Widget
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