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Easily create a professional press kit for your startup

PressKitHero is a tool to create a professional press kit

for your company.

4 alternative and related products to PressKitHero

Howler AI

Get more press with AI-powered media outreach 🚀

Howler takes away the tedious, time-sucking work of media outreach by sending personalized pitches hand-written by experts to journalists likely to feature your product.

Each list of journalists we target is unique to the product, and determined algorithmically based on what the journalist has written about before (among other things).

Matt Henderson 🚀- Building 24 products this year (8/24) 🚀
Super easy + affordable automated PR
10 Alternatives to Howler AI

Press Pages by Upbeat

Easy and automatically updated press pages for your company

One of the biggest complaints we heard after working with thousands of reporters is that startups either don't have a press page ready or the pages are too outdated to be helpful. We know it's tough to prioritize the press page as a busy founder, so we made it easy to set up and maintain.

Key feature: automatically updates your press mentions!

Ricky Yean- CEO, (formerly
The first step to successful PR is to put your best foot forward and demonstrate why you are consequential and credible. A press page is a great way to highlight that on your website, but like other static, secondary pages, it's annoying to build and maintain. Press Pages by Upbeat makes it easy for anyone to make a press page in a few minutes. After it's se… See more
Ricky Yean- CEO, (formerly
There are tons of new Kickstarters everyday and given the limited duration of the crowdfunding period, promoting it is super intense. Journalists are tired of it and many newsrooms have policies to not cover Kickstarters. Of course, there are always exceptions. If your Kickstarter is truly novel, has celebrity endorsement, or is shattering funding records, t… See more
Ricky Yean- CEO, (formerly
Hey Stewie, everyone's fighting information overload these days especially if you have "influence" (e.g. journalists, bloggers, YouTubers). It comes down to giving people many opportunities to consider talking about you, which is essentially "pitching." First step is to set up a press page to highlight why you are interesting and demonstrate some credibility… See more
7 Alternatives to Press Pages by Upbeat

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