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Power Junkie alternatives and competitors

No need to rely on multiple power banks, stacks of batteries and chargers to get you through your expedition. The power Junkie turns any Sony NP-F into a portable powering solution.

It doesn't stop there, the Power Junkie is also a charger for your NP-F batteries. It's a one-stop​ shop for your portable powering needs.

Top alternatives for Power Junkie

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  • Volta Charger

    VOLTA Charger is a singular fast charging magnetic cable to Power All your iPhone/iPad, Android (Micro USB) and USB C Devices. Support both QC2.0 and QC3.0, comes in many colors and is military-grade in terms of durability.

    I was lucky enough to be sent a test cable (silver 1m) over a year ago and I was really impressed by the quality. I am still using the cable…

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  • Omnicharge

    Smart & compact portable power bank

    Portable AC powerbank 🔌⚡🔋
  • Tug

    Tug is device to convert any power cord and outlet into a magnetic breakaway connection to avoid disasters caused by tripping over a cord.

  • Vinpok Bolt

    USB-C magnetic cable for charging of 13-inch and 15-inch Mac
  • AnyLink

    Charge your iPhone from another iPhone, iPad, or any device!
  • NILS Cable

    NILS is Not Just A Charging CabIe. It Also Doubles As A Bracelet. Built with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber.

  • Omni Ultimate

    Omnicharge is back with its third crowdfunding campaign, the Omni Ultimate - a power innovation designed for your most demanding devices

    ✅ AC Outlet: 120W Pure Sine Wave

    ✅ DC Out: 150W (Adjustable Voltage & Amperage)

    ✅ USB-C Port: 60W (Input & Output)

    ✅ 2 x USB-A Ports (QC 3.0 compatible)

    ✅ 40,300 mAh (2.5 Hour Recharge Time)

    ✅ Removable Battery