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3 Alternatives to Postly

Unlimited access to digital content has provided us with an enormous opportunity to discover, learn and grow. Bookshlf focuses on quality and taste, empowering users to express themselves through the content they love.

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Built In NYC
Bookshlf, a startup out of New York that lets users share and curate their media preferences, launched its free iOS app on Tuesday. Co-founder Mike Abend likens Bookshlf to the proudly-displayed DVD and CD collections of yesteryear, a visible representation of one's tastes and personality.
We're always sharing our favorite media, whether through email, text, or social networking. Unfortunately, sites such as Facebook and Twitter make finding those recommendations after the fact less than optimal. Enter Bookshlf, an iPhone and web-based app that makes it easier to recommend content such as articles, podcasts, music, videos, and more.
Bookshlf has created a new way for people to recommend media - whether it's music, videos, articles, podcasts or even tweets - to their friends and to the rest of the world. The New York-based startup is officially launching its web and iOS app this week and announcing that David A.
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3 Alternatives to Bookshlf
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