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9 alternative and related products to Portfolio

Stock tracker and brokerage companion
9 Alternatives to Portfolio

Robinhood launches new web product, passes 3M users

Robinhood for Web is a brand-new web platform with expansive research and discovery tools aimed to make you a better-informed investor.

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Robinhood helps investors make well-informed financial decisions and hits three million users.
You know what's cool? Not just being worth over $1 billion, but saving your customers $1 billion. Today, zero-fee stock trading app Robinhood announced that it's hit 3 million registered accounts, $100 billion transacted in its app, and $1 billion in saved commissions considering competitors like E*Trade cost $7 per trade.
9 Alternatives to Robinhood for Web

Compare stocks/crypto with Google Trends 💹📊

Equiplore is a tool that allows you to chart out stock/crypto prices along with Google Trends. It can help you find some valuable insights and shows you the dynamics between hype on google and correlating change in stock price.

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Casual stock trading - thumb swipes only

Tomas- Software Imagineer
I have settled on BUX mobile app for now. The app is quite basic, but has ok UI, allows to set up alerts and trades are pretty much instant. Bux app also has some social features which are of questionable value for trading :) I usually plan my market strategy on a PC and use Bux only for executing transactions and reacting to alerts. Some technical bits: yo… See more
Martijn- Co-Founder, Strategy@
Fun way to invest in CFDs. nice features, good UX
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Art that tilts in real time to the financial markets

The Market Series A is a kinetic sculpture meticulously crafted to move when the financial world moves.

Made of natural woods and metals, it's Wi-Fi enabled to track eleven global stock market indices and five major cryptocurrencies, tilting in real time to precisely indicate day over day market changes with an accuracy of up to 1/10%.

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The Coolector | Online Men's Lifestyle Magazine | Design, Gear & Fashion
It's clear that a lot of men nowadays are heavily invested in the financial markets - both financially and mentally - and will want to be kept abreast of developments in any way possible. Well, it turns out there is one mighty unusual but undoubtedly cool looking work of art for doing exactly that in the shape of The Market by August & Wonder.
Portland Monthly
Keeping an eye on ever-fluctuating financial markets requires constant digital vigilance and glues us to our screens. That's a problem Steve August, the Portland-based tech entrepreneur behind August & Wonder, wanted to solve. August created the Market, a physical scale that can sit on your desk and track the rise and fall of the stock market.
Digital Trends
Want a more entertaining way to track currencies? The Market is a kinetic smart sculpture ornament of a bull and a bear on a seesaw, which tilts in real-time to reflect actual day-over-day changes in capital markets. It's totally steampunk, and you can pre-order it right now.
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