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Crowdsourced Pokemon Go map

Pokecrew is an app that helps you find Pokemons, shows you the distance to it or shows you what you can find in a certain place.

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Find all Pokemon near you in real time for Pokemon Go.

A passionate essay penned by a developer of PokéVision, a popular companion app to Pokémon , has been making the rounds today in the wake of a recent update. The update in question has incurred serious backfire, particularly because of the way developer Niantic Labs has apparently chosen to handle a recurring problem.
Last week, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke, the creator of Pokémon GO, hinted to FORBES that certain services that helped players locate creatures within the game may be shut down. He did not wait long to act. On Saturday, one of the more popular services, Poké said that it was "currently unavailable."
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John Hanke, the CEO of Pokémon Go developer Niantic, hinted in an interview with Forbes' Ryan Mac that popular fan-made tools like PokéVision, Poké Radar, and Poké Notify may not be long for this world. Here's what Hanke has to say about those apps (emphasis ours): "Yeah, I don't really like that.
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Poke Radar

Discover the location of any Pokemon

Poke Radar shows you locations where to find Pokemon. If you need some directions fot your Pokemon GO just get Poke Radar.

If you've played Pokémon Go, and chances are you have, you should download Poke Radar immediately. Currently only available on iOS, Poke Radar lets you search for rare Pokémon anywhere in the world. Pokémon locations are submitted by users, which then appear on the map.
Niantic has been cracking down on a lot of the Pokémon Go maps out there, but there's been a lot of confusion about which, if any, still work. If you're in need of a poké-map, Poke Radar is still standing and working better than ever.
The second-most-popular free app in Apple's App Store right now is Poke Radar, an app that helps you find Pokemon characters.
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The hottest new app in the iPhone App Store is... another Pokémon app. Poké Radar is a crowdsourced map of locations where "Pokémon Go" players found certain Pokémon. It's already number two in the App Store, just behind the official "Pokémon Go" app.
Now available in several countries worldwide, Pokémon Go has gone above and beyond expectations, delivering an engaging augmented reality experience that has prompted players to get outside and hit the pavement to catch 'em all.
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Location-based chat for Pokemon Go

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It's not always terribly hard to recognize people out in public who are playing Pokémon GO, especially since they'll be doing the same exact thing with their smartphone as you are in the same general area. But even so, one of the few features that Pokémon GO didn't copy over from its predecessor Ingress was...
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Jonathan Zarra knew something about that most people didn't. As a beta tester this summer, the 28-year-old freelance developer had early access to the smash hit mobile game - and as a result, he could see that it offered users no way to chat with one another inside the app.
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It's not always terribly hard to recognize people out in public who are playing Pokemon GO, especially since they'll be doing the same exact thing with their smartphone as you are in the same general area.
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Share and find #PokemonGO creatures

Curbed's city sites have been hard at work mapping out where to catch Pokémon, but now there's not one but two resources-and more to come, surely-that are trying to catch 'em all-that is, by aggregating all of the Pokémon Go sightings in a single map.
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