Alternative products to Pocketcoach 3.0

9 alternative and related products to Pocketcoach 3.0

Pocketcoach 3.0
A digital coach for anxiety and other difficult moments
Pocketcoach is a digital coach for people who struggle with anxiety. We've launched here on PH before back when we were a Facebook Messenger chatbot.
The updated app contains an entire new course to help you deal with the Pandemic, and much more!
9 Alternatives to Pocketcoach 3.0

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Headspace has helped me create a good routine and motivates me to continue. I love the variety of options it gives you: whether you like guided or unguided meditations, have 5 or 30 min, it's easy to find smth that works for you personally. Especially great for beginners (like me). Monthly subscription is worth every cent.
Because meditation helps you keep you in balance
Headspace has practically saved my life. I'd pick this over exercise on general impact on my life.
73 Alternatives to Headspace 2.0

The One-Minute Anxiety Helper guides people in moments of panic, stress and anxiety. It includes easy exercises, such as meditations, mindfulness and CBT techniques. The goal is simple: When you leave the site, you should feel a little better than before.

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A digital coach is more timely, efficient and accessible than a human coach. Therapy, coaching and mentoring professions thrive. That means more people get professional help than ever before and that's awesome. But even though therapy or a coaching relationship can do a lot, there are a few things it can't do.
14 Alternatives to One-Minute Anxiety Helper

Open Dialogue is an artificially intelligent (A.I.) self-help program.

As you talk with the program, you develop greater self awareness and the ability to address your challenges and opportunities more productively.

The program will never tell you what to do. Instead, it creates an environment where you can discover these answers for yourself.

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Why self-reflection? So many of our problems come down to not having enough insight into how our minds work - what we want; what we fear; why we act the way we do and are overwhelmed by certain feelings. Open Dialogue creates the necessary conditions to write freely (i.e., without judgement or self-criticism) about what is most important to us.
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