Alternative products to Placemat

5 alternative and related products to Placemat

Pretty nice placeholder images.
5 Alternatives to Placemat

For when you need a little more Keanu in your life

A simple placeholder image service, based on the amazing Keanu Reeves.

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You know those times when you work on a web dev project, and need an image in 300x250px real quick? Or maybe you need a placeholder for your avatar photos, while the project is still in development. While there are a bunch of amazing alternatives already (,, and, to name a few) I had a feeling something was missi… See more
4 Alternatives to PlaceKeanu

Dead-easy placeholder images. Of kittens.

If you want a cute placeholder of a sweet little kitty, then Place Kitten is the tool you are looking for. It is easy-peasy to use, you just need to write the size you need after the Placekitten URL and you get it. In case you want a specific picture of theirs, you can request it with the image number and the size you want it. Done!

7 Alternatives to Place Kitten
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