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Adopt and share eco lifehacks 🌱

Pine enables you to adopt and share the best eco lifehacks ("ecohacks")—simple yet empowering habits that save time, money, and resources. Pine is currently available only for iPhone in the US. 2017 Product Hunt Global Hackathon participant.

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13 Alternatives to Pine

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John Sherwin
The showering experience with a Nebia is pure awesome. It's like walking into a personal spa in your own home. Very thoughtful design, AND it saves water.
John Ababseh
Showers are such an intimate part of our days, so shower right with a spa-like experience that starts and ends your day on a good foot :)
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Rua Power Shower is the next generation of showering that helps to cut water usage without compromising on the experience. Rua's innovative spray system provides better stimulation of the nerve endings, gives you better efficiency in cleansing and rinsing and more even pressure on the skin. It has more coverage and better spray force.

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Because we all need do our part to conserve our natural resources. We get it. After a long day, you sometimes just want to luxuriate in the shower. After all, what better way to do away with the worries of the day than with some water therapy?
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Originally created for the Fixathon ( dripdrip was created to help you keep track of your water usage to become more aware and take action!

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Over the past month I've been building a fun side project for the Fixathon called dripdrip! The goal of the fixathon is to build something to raise awareness, take action, or facilate stopping climate change. I had a few ideas for this competition but the one that really got me excited was a tool to help you track your water usage.
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