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Piano Companion alternatives and competitors

Piano Companion is a music app that helps songwriters, producers, teachers, and students. Flexible chord and scale dictionary with user libraries, reverse mode and a progression builder and circle of fifths.

Top alternatives for Piano Companion

DigitalOcean Functions
Run functions on demand, scale automatically
  • Virtual Piano Keyboard

    An easy way to practice your piano skills online. Connect a MIDI keyboard, or play with a regular computer keyboard. Play freely or lock to a specific scale to practice your scales.
  • Cloud Piano

    Connect musically online using a real-time MIDI compatible piano and free video chat service. Great for conducting real-time, and pre-recorded, music lessons over the internet.
  • Super MIDI Pak

    Payment required
    Super MIDI Pak is an SNES cartridge that turns your SNES into a fully-featured MIDI synthesizer.
  • World Piano by Taqsim

    World Piano by Taqsim is the easiest way to play authentic world sounds, jam to global rhythms & learn ethnic microtonal music scales. Take a global sonic tour through Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and more with premium sound packs.
  • International Piano Players Club

    Global map of user submitted pianos located in public spaces and available to play!
  • Notejumper

    Payment required
    Learning piano notes never has been more fun.
    Geeky jumps if you tap the right key. Play it in the right moment to hit the notes for even more points. But attention, their flow is getting faster. Crack the highscore and become the jumping notemaster.