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Petcube for Apple Watch alternatives and competitors

Best way to stay in touch with your pet
Top Petcube for Apple Watch alternatives
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  • Affordable pet camera that allows pet parents to watch, talk to, and treat pets remotely by tossing their favorite treats. All controlled with an app.
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    I was initially excited to have bought the Petcube Bites 2 Lite. Visually it looks very appealing and has a light form factor. But upon usin…See more
  • Petcube 3.0

    Play laser tag with real pets from your smartphone.
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  • Petcube App 4.0 is an iOS app bringing the joy of streaming and social media to the world of pets.

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    I want to thank the team behind Petcube for such a cool product!

  • Appbot Riley

    Never leave your pets alone at home with this smart robot
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  • WhistleGPS

    Monitor your pet's location & activity from your smartphone
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  • Bark is The social app for dogs that helps you too:

    1) Find out who is out on walks when you are with realtime mapping showing you all the dogs near you

    2) Have doggy conversations withe friends

    3) Set your mood for your doggy to let others know if they are happy, playful or need some space

    4) Mark your lady dog in heat, and send poop bag alarm

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    I recommend Bark to all dog lovers

  • Pebby Pet Camera

    The world’s most advanced robotic pet sitter!
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  • Sleek, small and waterproof, our activity tracker was created with dogs in mind. Just clip it to your dog’s existing collar, sync with the app and start tracking your dog's activity.

    Download our app for free and get personalised recommendations for your dog’s diet, weight and exercise around the clock. Battery lasts 6 months and no recurring fee.

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    Help dogs to keep fit

  • Pets After Rapture is a service that connects pets with non-Christians to take care of them after the rapture.

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    How long would your pet survive on their own? If rapture happens to happen one night and you crate your dog fido and he has only a small bow…

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  • DaftCloud is an independent SoundCloud app for WatchOS. Ideally to complement your workouts.
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