Alternative products to Otherside for Twitter

7 alternative and related products to Otherside for Twitter

Otherside for Twitter

Use Twitter as if you were @Jack, or any user you like

7 Alternatives to Otherside for Twitter

See Instagram through the eyes of your favorite celebrities

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The week I launched an app, was featured by Apple, gained 50,000 downloads, and was banned by Instagram. I love making products. Since I graduated college in 2005, I've directly worked on developing consumer software products that deeply meant something to me personally in one way or another.
If you've ever found peering over a friend's shoulder as they browse their Instagram more interesting than swiping through your own, or you simply want to know what today's greatest minds waste their time viewing on the Facebook-owned photo sharing service (e.g.
The Verge
There's been many a night where I reach the bottom of my Instagram feed, am still bored, and bop around the app in an attempt to find new people to follow. A new app, Being, is aiming to fix that...
Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be Justin Bieber? Or Taylor Swift? Or Cristiano Ronaldo? Me too. Unfortunately, we'll probably never know that feeling. But you can see Instagram the way they see Instagram, in case that's a decent alternative.
2 Alternatives to Being

Hide # of favorites, RTs and followers from your feed 🙏

Hides the number of favorites, likes, and followers from your feed so you can focus on the content. Download this Chrome extension to experience raw social media.

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The Atlantic
Besides, retweets, not likes, are Twitter's most powerful method of reward. The quest to accrue retweets regularly drives users to tweet outlandish comments, extremist opinions, fake news, or worse. Many users knowingly tweet false and damaging information and opinions in an effort to go viral via retweets.
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Give your Twitter feed superpowers

Twisti is a super customizable twitter feed that allows you to filter tweets based on no. of RTs/Faves, whether it comes from a verified user, location, and if it mentions a url.

It's your twitter feed on steroids 🚀

Samarth Jajoo
Samarth Jajoo
Twisti allows you to filter tweets by mention of words, links, location, no. Of likes/retweets and more. Check it out :)
13 Alternatives to Twisti

Make your life on Twitter more positive

Turn off retweets from your followers. All at once.

Not seeing retweets in your feed can help your mind stay free of all the negativity that they usually amplify.

As it would normally be a laborious task (due to Twitter's convoluted UX), I built Blindfold to turn off retweets for you. Oh, and you can always revert back.

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In its April issue, a writer at The Atlantic makes the argument that "retweets are trash." Whereas once if you wanted to repeat something someone else had said on the platform you would have had to create a whole new tweet and add a "RT" in front of it, the addition of the retweet button has made it so people will often share the thoughts of others without f… See more
13 Alternatives to Blindfold
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