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OneTab alternatives and competitors

10 reviews

Save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter in Google Chrome. OneTab converts all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

Top alternatives for OneTab

The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • WorkspacePro

    WorkspacePro allows You to launch and close a bunch of macOS apps with shortcuts or from the menu bar.
    - Create group of apps - workspaces
    - Launch and close all apps of these workspaces only just with shortcuts or toggling button in the menu bar
  • Tab Organizer

    Tab Organizer organizes the unpinned tabs in the current window by grouping them by URL.

  • Snooze Tabby

    3 reviews

    Snooze Tabby is a simple browser extension to snooze tabs for later.

    Found an interesting article or website while doing something important?

    Should you bookmark it and open it later?

    Problem is you don't even know if it's worth having bookmarked.

    And maybe you will forget all about it.

    Just snooze it for later and keep being focused now.

    Snooze Tabby is a very good extension. It is missing a few key features that make Tab Snooze a better option for me. While Snooze Tabby does…

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  • Tab Management by Motion (Beta)

    2 reviews
    Motion transforms your browser into a mighty work application. Our latest step in this direction is building the most powerful tab management tool. It's flexible, fast, and easy to use.
  • Multrin

    Multrin is a cross-platform app built on top of Electron, that lets you to organize apps in tabs, by just dropping them onto Multrin. It aims to greatly improve your productivity and organization.

    If you like it, please leave a star on my Github. I would really appreciate that :)

  • BrowserOpener

    For example, you are using Safari heavily in day life, but you'd like to use Chrome to open websites of work. You could add a rule for it, then every external links (links not in browser) will be opened in Chrome.


    1. Add rules to open browsers for specified websites.

    2. Add other browser to handle links.

  • PanicButton

    Hide all your tabs at once and restore them later
  • Tab Manager Plus for Chrome

    Tab Manager Plus is for the regular Chrome Tab addict. Too many tabs? How to quickly filter them? With Tab Manager plus, of course.

    Lost a tab in a window for the 500th time? Just open TMP and start typing right away. It'll match all open tabs by title and url. You can even make it work with incognito tabs - if you want.

    Handy little Tab Manager.

  • Memento

    2 reviews
    Save your online memories with Memento.

    Memento uses powerful APIs to automatically categorize and organize your URLs so it's easy to search for them later on. Request access now!
  • Tabli

    Simple yet powerful tab manager for Google Chrome
  • Save Chrome Tabs For Later

    Free options
    Lets you easily save your currently open tabs to quickly restore them later. No more reading through your browsing history to figure out what stuff was left to go through. You won't miss any important info you clicked on but could not get to.
  • Close My Tabs

    1 review
    Having struggled with too many browser tabs, I built this to navigate, search, & close browser tabs based on the last active time with one click. You can close multiple tabs, adjust duration, view count, opene a tab, ignore a tab!
  • Dog Ear

    Temporarily save your tabs to declutter your browser
  • TabManager.io

    TabManager.io is a window, session and tab manager extension for Google Chrome that helps you organise your windows, tabs and sessions in one convenient place.
  • MinimalHero

    A lightweight extension that limits the number of open tabs and removes the feed from Facebook & LinkedIn.

    Minimize distractions & keep focus on the things that matter to you by preventing multi-tasking and mindless feed-scrolling.

  • ioSearch

    Search Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDb from a new tab. Add as many sites as you want;

    Use the right-click context menu to search for selected text on favorite sites;

    Accurate and detailed 5-day weather forecast.

  • Tab Title Animation Generator

    Fact: People browse with a bazillion tabs open.

    Let's kindly remind them to check your page out while they browse other open tabs. This geeky animation will surely grab their attention.

    This simple script will swap out your meta title with scrolling text if users leave to another tab. It's subtle enough that it does not get annoying.

  • ProTABS

    Search, save, tidy, and sort your tabs into custom categories with this lightweight but feature-packed Chrome extension!
  • Tabson

    β˜… 1 click to gather all your tabs on a single screen;
    β˜… 1 click to restore your any day browsing session;
    β˜… Instantly find a tab by keyword;
    β˜… Greatly reduce memory and CPU consumption;
    β˜… Create your own Web Stories, to instantly access them.