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3 alternative and related products to OnboardIQ

ChiefOnboarding for Slack

Slack bot that will onboard your new hires for you

ChiefOnboarding for Slack is a Slack bot that will onboard your new hires for you. Show items that need to be done. Show some general information. Let them know who to contact and many more!

Kate- Community @Tierion
This product does exactly what it says it's going to do— it'll onboard your hires for you, all via Slack! Super clear and you can track your new hires' progress as they work their way through the process.
Kate- Community @Tierion
If you want to talk about the ultimate easiest way to onboard employees, automate the process! This SlackBot will help you do just that. You can customize all of their steps and track their progress.
Getting a lot of attention and focus on your product with those so called 'growth hacks' is great, but not really when you are an early (< 2 years old) agile startup in our opinion. We are focused right now on getting the product exactly right.
3 Alternatives to ChiefOnboarding for Slack
Ravi Vadrevu- Autonomous Hiring Intelligence
Hire product freelancers from our platform. Any MVP can be built, sprint by sprint under 2 weeks!
Greg Wisenberg- Co-founder @ Kriya AI
With a web app (front-end and back-end) no one even comes close to Kriya. It's basically like adding a team member to create a customized product at a fraction of the cost and time. I'm biased, but try it for yourself and see. You don't pay anything until you're satisfied
Ravi Vadrevu- Autonomous Hiring Intelligence
A bot that hires a team for you that builds your idea into a product
6 Alternatives to Kriya AI
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