Alternative products to Not So Boring Hat

3 alternative and related products to Not So Boring Hat

Not So Boring Hat
The world's least boring Christmas gift.

Not So Boring Hat gives you superpowers, like travel hacks!

3 Alternatives to Not So Boring Hat

Elon Musk's new company, creating tunnels for traffic

The Boring Company is an infrastructure and tunneling company founded by Elon Musk to cut down on traffic & improve our vehicular transportation.

Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell- No-coder 👉
But I'm not Elon Musk so.....(my serious answer is Stripe Atlas)
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The Verge
Las Vegas' Convention and Visitors Authority has recommended selecting Elon Musk's The Boring Company to build and operate a "people mover" at Las Vegas' convention center. The project would be relatively small, encompassing the convention center itself rather than transporting people across town or to the airport - but The Boring Company could expand the tu… See more
Billionaire innovator Elon Musk is known for his California rocket and electric car businesses, but he looked to the Midwest to show he is serious about building an ultra-high-speed underground rail system from New York to Washington, D.C.
In Brief The city council of Hawthorne, California, has given the Boring Company permission to extend the test tunnel built under their headquarters by 1.6 miles. However, this permission is just one step of the process, and Elon Musk's company will need to secure additional permits before drilling can commence.
The tech entrepreneur, who wants to build a tunnel network for cars starting in Los Angeles, finds a sweet underground parking spot for his Tesla Model S.
7 Alternatives to The Boring Company

The world's most boring hat

This is the first product release from the world's most boring company. The hat comes with an ultra premium velcro strap and one size fits all technology. At a starting and ending price of $20, with shipping and tax included, this is a steal.

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The Verge
You'd think that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has enough on his plate. But not only does the billionaire businessman want to build lots of electric cars and send humans around the Moon, he also wants to build tunnels because, he says, "without tunnels, we will all be in traffic hell forever."
The world's most boring hat
Product Hunt
Elon Musk, known for leading technology's most futuristic projects from space exploration to neural brain implants, just announced his 4 Alternatives to The Boring Company Hat

Pre-order if you can guess the password

Boring Company Flame Thrower will be a new product sold by The Boring Company as a result of selling 50,000 hats.

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The Next Web
Back in December, Elon Musk tweeted that if his new Boring Company - the one digging giant holes - sold 50,000 hats, it would also start selling a flamethrower. I mean, why not? It turns out he wasn't kidding. As reported by The Verge, a few redditors noticed that going to would prompt you ...
4 Alternatives to Boring Company Flame Thrower
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