Alternative products to Noon Smart Lighting System

9 alternative and related products to Noon Smart Lighting System

Noon Smart Lighting System
Transform any room with professional-quality lighting

Noon Smart Lighting System is lighting that adjusts with one-touch to enhance how you experience home.

9 Alternatives to Noon Smart Lighting System

Easy access to lighting and other smart home products

Scott Dunlap
Scott Dunlap
I have the pilot version of this at my house, and its particularly cool if you have other smart home gadgets like Sonos, Ring, Philips Hue (imagine actually being able to use your light switch again), Nest, etc.
Bri Viviani
Bri Viviani- Brilliant Tech
Unifies all of your smart home devices and Alexa is built in! There is a video intercom so you can talk from room to room (encrypted and privacy screen included). Ring integration displays a notification on the Brilliant screen if someone presses the button, or it will display the video feed. If you have a smart lock connected you can open the door directly … See more
7 Alternatives to The Brilliant Control

Never think about your lights again

Orro turn lights on for you when you enter a room, and off after you leave. Orro automatically dims lights to healthy levels and learns your preferred lighting throughout the day.

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The range of smart home gadgets available is constantly growing, with just about every household or entertainment appliance now available as a connected, online device. Some, like the home hubs and connected thermostats, have been around for a while and have gone through several generations of refinements and added functionality.
With options like Noon and Brilliant now available, high-end lighting has landed squarely not just in the fixture but on the wall: Ultra-luxe switches promise to dramatically upgrade the way you interact with your lighting-without having to fish a phone out of your pocket.
When it comes to converting your home and making it smart, for lighting, there are really just two main options. Smart light bulbs or smart light switches. Though both have more budget-friendly and higher-end options, the switch is generally the more cost-effective solution unless you get a fancy model.
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Anchor FM Inc.
Jason Wade Interviews Colin Billings. Colin is the founder and CEO of Orro, the first truly responsive home lighting system that integrates with all your devices at home so you can conveniently control everything in one place.
The Verge
Smart light bulbs are a dime a dozen, but a new product called Orro is taking a crack at selling you a smart light switch. The Orro is a $199 gadget that is designed to replace any standard light switch. It's designed to be exactly the size of a standard switch and easy to install in its place.
Digital Trends
Lighting control startup Orro today introduced the Orro Switch, which the company promises is "the world's most advanced responsive and adaptive home lighting system." The end result, according to the company, is home lighting that supports the way you live and also helps you sleep better at night.
Orro has introduced a new smart dimmer called Switch, a product that intelligently controls the lighting in one's home for an automatic, convenient experience. The product doesn't depend on the cloud, meaning an outage won't take out the user's lighting, and the device is designed to function without Internet.
The problem with lights that connect to the internet? It's easy to accidentally turn them off at the switch level, and then they can't be controlled anymore. The Orro Switch, which launches today, is a different approach, a smart device that works by responding to your light preferences, whether you want your lights dimmed or on bright - and you really don't… See more
7 Alternatives to Orro

A desk-mounted light designed for streaming

Conventional studio lighting can clutter your setup. Built from solid metal, Elgato Key Light eliminates this issue thanks to a streamlined profile that stays out of your way. It doesn’t even touch your floor, plus it stands flush against your wall. Simply clamp the pole mount to your desk, extend it to your ideal height, and you’re ready to roll.

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At CES today, Elgato unveiled a new product aimed at helping streamers build high-quality video studios in their homes: the Elgato Key Light, a desk-mounted light that provides the kind of adjustable illumination needed for great looking video. The light is software controlled, with adjustable brightness up to 2,500 lumens (for reference, 100 watt-repla… See more
5 Alternatives to Key Light by Elgato
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