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Noon Smart Lighting System alternatives and competitors

Noon Smart Lighting System is lighting that adjusts with one-touch to enhance how you experience home.

Top alternatives for Noon Smart Lighting System

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  • Smart Home in a Box

    The easy way to make your home Smart
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  • GoldenHour App

    The edges of your screen go unused during a video call. This convenient and easy application allows you to make use of that space as lighting to illuminate your face with a warm, rosy glow similar to the effect of late-afternoon "golden hour" lighting.
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  • The Brilliant Control

    Easy access to lighting and other smart home products
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  • LIFX Beam

    Lifx Beam accents your home in style. Blend creativity and color into your space and bring your room to life.

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  • Orro

    Orro turn lights on for you when you enter a room, and off after you leave. Orro automatically dims lights to healthy levels and learns your preferred lighting throughout the day.

    I've been using various versions of the Beta product for the pat one year almost and have seen the product evolving to the present productio…

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  • Ecobee Switch+

    The first light switch with the Alexa Voice Service built-in, allowing you to control other smart home devices, hear the news and weather, or use thousands of Alexa Skills from wherever the switch is installed.

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  • Logitech Pop Home Switch

    Simple smart home control for the whole family
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  • NUIMO by Senic

    Smart home. Smart control.
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  • Wave Light Switch

    A touch-less light switch with a sleek design
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  • Key Light by Elgato

    Conventional studio lighting can clutter your setup. Built from solid metal, Elgato Key Light eliminates this issue thanks to a streamlined profile that stays out of your way. It doesn’t even touch your floor, plus it stands flush against your wall. Simply clamp the pole mount to your desk, extend it to your ideal height, and you’re ready to roll.

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  • Ecobee SmartCamera

    Live in the moment and connect with the ones that matter from anywhere. The camera notifies you about important events so you don’t miss a thing, while always respecting your privacy.
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