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16 alternative and related products to Noon Pacific for iOS 4.0

Noon Pacific for iOS 4.0
Weekly mixtapes curated from Los Angeles, New York & London

We've rebuilt from the ground up on Spotify's API — making sure every artist featured on Noon Pacific gets paid for every play.

Expansion from Los Angeles to curators in New York and London allow listeners to capture the vibe from each city around the world.

Each Friday we release a single from our community-built record label on Patreon.

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16 Alternatives to Noon Pacific for iOS 4.0

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Tejas Kinger
Constantine Sharandak
This one, and Spotify in general, you can listen to the music for free.
Spotify does the most brilliant job in the streaming / music game when it comes to matching music and listener. Their "daily mix" option is the pinnacle of this— they literally match music you've listened to in the past and might like and create entire playlists for your day for you. 🙏
26 Alternatives to Spotify Daily Mix

Pavan Sethi
Discover Weekly is awesome! Some tips: 1) As you can imagine, the more you listen to Spotify, the better. 2) If you don't want what you're listening to at the moment have an effect on your recommendations, turn on 'Private Mode' (like if you're listening to background music to concentrate).
Pavan Sethi
Spotify Weekly is great and the more you use it, the better it gets. Couple tips: Save each week into a playlist in case you don't have time to listen to everything in a week. Also, if you listen to something that isn't normally what you like (think study or background music), make sure to listen in a "Private Session" so it doesn't affect your recommenda… See more
Patrick Thompson
Spotify Discover in general is amazing. I have found so many great artists using Spotify's Browse > Discover section.
36 Alternatives to Spotify Discover Weekly
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