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Noon Pacific 2.0 alternatives and competitors

The week’s best music handpicked & delivered to your devices
Top Noon Pacific 2.0 alternatives
Work side-by-side, even when you’re not in the same room
  • Easily create stations for all the music you love, all for free.
    With the world’s music at your fingertips, finding the right thing to play can feel like a challenge. Stations gets you to music instantly—no searching or typing needed.
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  • CodingRadio™ helps programmers discover the best soundtracks to match their state of mind. Regardless of whether you are squashing bugs or you are building and launching the next Facebook, CodingRadio™ gives you hand-picked playlists to match your mood.

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    So far I only try the Creative Juice categories and I am always hearing music from youtube. now found this product and the creative juice c…

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  • If you ever looked at your Spotify app, trying to find something to listen to without having to check out every possible playlist, you probably need this app.

    Noiseblend leverages the powerful Spotify API to bring you music recommendations in a more personal form.

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    Really like the app and already excited to discover new music with it.

  • 22tracks 2.0

    DJ curated Spotify playlists on iOS
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  • Stayed Up All Night

    A retro way to create & share mixtapes online
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  • Songstack

    Swipe to discover new music for Spotify
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  • Combo.fm for iOS

    The best new music you probably haven't heard yet.
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  • Silenz monitors the sounds of your surrounding in a smart way; once it detects a significant sound (e.g. human speech), it reacts by pausing or adjusting the volume of media players.

    The app also allows you to hear surrounding sounds mixed with your music.

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    I was testing it and really enjoyed the time.

  • Substance over style, always.

    Experimental mixtapes of the most unreal and creative music on the planet. Curated by musicians to create a personal, immersive experience.

    Connect to Spotify Premium or Apple Music, then sit back and turn up the volume.


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    Love putting on a playlist and letting it guide me through a journey while I work. Bravo team, love it!

  • Hive 2.0

    Listen to the best undiscovered music artists in 30s clips
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  • 22tracks

    Music Playlists Curated by DJ's Across the World
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  • 8tracks 3.0 (iOS)

    Refreshingly human music playlists
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  • StreamForever

    StreamForever.co lets you create forever running video channels based on Youtube playlists. The playlists stay in sync with everyone who's watching.

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  • Hypemix

    Hypemix is a bot for SMS that gives you a randomized playlist of new music delivered to your inbox every (other) morning.

    It grows more accustomed to your taste each time you send feedback. 🤯

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  • Who Hears

    Music shouldn't be like Mc Donald's.

    Hand-picked music gems.

    A bunch of people (including myself) very passionate when it comes to digging for hidden music gems decided to create a place where people can discover music other than big names, big marketing campaigns and so on.

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  • Discover hand-picked music in a beautiful app.
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  • Incentify

    Incentify lets users share and discover playlists from Spotify to Apple Music and vice-versa, all in one place.
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  • Spicy Mocha

    Spicy Mocha is all about music discovery. Listening to your favourite songs is great, but discovering new artists adds a special taste to life. Visually explore the music universe and be surprised.

    Based on visualization techniques, it creates an ideal environment for actively searching artists.

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