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8 Alternatives to Nomino

startup name check is a tool to validate names for your next startup, indie project or side hustle faster. It can check up to 50 social networks and domains in parallel.

Peter Thaleikis
Checks for social networks and domains simultaneously. Comes with suggestions too
Peter Thaleikis
Checks for social networks and domains simultaneously. Comes with suggestions too
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「startup name check」は、ドメインおよびSNSサービスのID取得情報をまとめて検索できるサイトです。サービス名を決めるときに考えた... is a website by Peter Thaleikis aimed at making your business and product naming easier by providing a number of simple and free tools for the job. It follows my previous project Startup Name Check as an assisting-service. Same as Startup Name Check, all tools on are free for regular usage.
Peter Thaleikis
I'd like to share my experiences and lessons from completely rebuilding, then 'fine tuning' for too long (aka procrastinating), and finally relaunching my little pet side project Startup Name Check. As you can imagine there were lots of frustrating moments and of course great people who helped along the way.
I share experiences and knowledge around web technology, building and marketing of my own side projects as well as entrepreneurship in general.
Startup Name Check is a service to allow you launching your project faster, by finding the right name easier. You can numerous names for social media and domains at once, in parallel. It provides you suggestions for alternatives as well as other insights such as if a domain is up sale.
t3n Magazin
Wie soll es bloß heißen? Über den perfekten Startup-Namen zerbrechen sich Gründer oft nächtelang den Kopf. Diese Tools helfen bei der Recherche. Lieferando, Agrando, Kampando, Langweilando: Die Namensgebung deutscher Startups ist selten kreativ. Mit dem immerzu gleichen Schema verbinden viele Gründer die Hoffnung, mit wenig Aufwand von der Bekanntheit und de… See more
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