Alternative products to My TouchBar My Rules (MTMR)

8 alternative and related products to My TouchBar My Rules (MTMR)

My TouchBar My Rules (MTMR)

Customize your touch bar as you want it

The platform for plugins and customization for the Mac touch bar

8 Alternatives to My TouchBar My Rules (MTMR)

A little stopwatch for your Mac's touch bar

Touch Bar Timer is a little stopwatch for your Mac’s touch bar.

Tap to start/stop

Double-tap to reset

Hold to open the app preferences

More background:

It's also open source! Thanks to Pixel Point, whose "Mute Me" app was the starting point for this project.

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Apple's touch bar isn't really meant to be configured, but you can add exactly one extra button to the four permanent buttons on the right. Touch Bar Timer uses this spot.
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