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Moodprint alternatives and competitors

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Effortlessly track and analyze your moods over time

Top alternatives for Moodprint

Automate your SOC 2, HIPAA, & ISO 27001 compliance
  • Cactus

    2 reviews
    People are stressed out and turning to meditation for help. But meditation isn’t for everyone. Cactus combines guided reflection prompts, a private journal, and intimate sharing to help you live a more fully actualized life. And it’s free.
  • Moodnotes

    Capture your mood and improve your thinking habits
  • Moodnotes 2.0

    Capture your mood and improve your thinking habits
  • Nomie 4

    1 review
    Nomie lets you quickly and privately track your mood, and anything that might affect it (sex, drugs, work, etc).
    Nomie 4 is open source under the MIT license and can store data locally, or encrypted in the cloud w/ Blockstack
  • Stream

    3 reviews
    Stream is a micro-journaling app designed to save your most important thoughts and ideas. Saving a thought on Stream is as easy as sending a message to yourself. You can easily share your thoughts from Stream to Twitter.

    I’ve been using it for a few weeks to add little notes that I revisit later

  • Sunset

    Sunset is a micro journal that helps you capture your thoughts and stay organized.

    - Write quick entries anytime, anywhere

    - Use happy and sad animations to express your moods and feelings

    - Write entries fast with your own templates

    - Put your entries into sections and subsections by drag-and-drop

    - Customize with your favorite colors, prompts etc

  • EmoDay

    1 review

    The most important part of writing a diary is doing it everyday. EmoDay helps you create a fun and colorful diary. You can start by simply punching in a single emoji. And of course it's lovely. So if you are more of a design lover than a writer this app is definitely yours. Enjoy logging your day and be free from pain of type-writing.

    It is really hard to use app.

  • Lemoon

    Lemoon supports you during your antidepressant treatment and afterward. Track your mood and see how it progresses with insightful stats. Create reminders for your different medication and track possible side-effects.
  • Tracker for iOS

    Meditating? Trying out a new workout regimen? New supplements? Set a baseline and track of how you feel over time with Tracker. Tracker is an easy way to log your mood and energy levels with Push Notifications or your Apple Watch. It supports sharing, JSON export for your own processing, and custom labels for experimentation.

  • Mooditude

    Mooditude is your guide to an elevated mood. It is your private journal, mood tracker and mental fitness app designed to help build resilience to stress and anxiety.
    Mooditude uses CBT exercises to change the way you feel by changing the way you think.
  • Huddle

    On Huddle:

    - Join conversations and groups that matter to you most

    - Make new friends and support others in your situation

    - Be inspired by motivational posts

    - Post your stories as anonymously as you'd like

    - Be a meaningful part of a community that promotes positivity

  • Mind Tree

    1 review
    The mind tree helps users understand what makes them happier and how to increase their happiness.
  • LifeDNA

    3 reviews

    LifeDNA creates customized supplement and skincare kits based on your DNA, family medical history and health goals. Our mission is to inspire people to unlock the power of their DNA so they can live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

    I can't tell people enough how great the results have been! My skin is like brand new.

  • Mood Climate

    Mood Climate is a slack app that analyses your team's sentiment towards particular topics.

    "Dinesh really dislikes the new merger"

    Managers can then have a dashboard for their team's sentiment.

    Another nifty feature is personality analysis.

  • Pacifica Communities

    Supportive personal wellness communities
  • Emotely

    First social network for sharing emotions
  • Logbook

    The Logbook makes journaling easier than ever, you don't have to log how are you feeling every day to know more about yourself, the Logbook makes it easy to track goals and moments that contributed to them, through a secure and private experience.
  • ZenJournal

    1 review

    ZenJournal is the fastest stress-free journal app that you can use to:

    ● Shield your self from the frenzy contest of social media.

    ● Cure your fatigue with a stress-free micro journal.

    ● Find your inner peace, build up your self-awareness.

    ● Log your random #ideas and #musings.

    ● Stream-of-consciousness style writing.

    I used this for my daily fast notes, it's everything it needs, but nothing more.

  • Emotions Dictionary

    1 review

    What is frustration, curiosity or trust?

    Most of us know the meaning of the words, but couldn't easily articulate what these emotions are, so this app aims to help you improve your emotional intelligence (EQ) via simple definitions for each emotion.

    It's an interesting concept.

  • Hello

    Hello is a 100% peer-to-peer video chat created using WebRTC