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14 alternative and related products to Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility

At-home fertility tests – no clinic required

Modern Fertility brings hormone fertility testing to your house, for a fraction of the price – no clinic required.

14 Alternatives to Modern Fertility

Birth control prescribed and delivered

Real doctors, real care - with or without insurance. Easy, accessible birth control delivered to your door for no extra charge! Consult with real doctors on the web or mobile app to find what birth control is best for you. Never worry about getting refills at the pharmacy again with auto-refills from Nurx.

Nick Abouzeid
Nick Abouzeid- Partner @ Shrug Capital
My girlfriend uses this. I can't say I have first-hand experience, but she said it worked well & efficiently.
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NBC News
Birth control is just a few clicks away, no doctor visit needed, thanks to a telemedicine app that has left some pro-life advocates wary. Often referred to as " Uber for birth control," Nurx ships birth control directly to a woman's doorstep, bypassing the traditional visit to a clinic or physician typically necessary for getting or renewing a prescription.
7 Alternatives to Nurx

Drones to deliver medicine

Zipline operates the world’s only drone delivery system at national scale to send urgent medicines, such as blood and vaccines, to those in need – no matter where they live.

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Zipline, the San Francisco-based UAV manufacturer and logistics services provider, has launched a program in Ghana today for drone delivery of medical supplies. Working with the Ghanaian government, Zipline will operate 30 drones out of four distribution centers to distribute vaccines, blood, and l...
MIT Technology Review
Zipline A couple of years ago, Zipline created a national drone delivery system to ship blood and drugs to remote medical centers in Rwanda. Now it has developed what it claims is the world's swiftest commercial delivery drone, with a top speed of 128 kilometers an hour (a hair shy of 80 miles per hour).
A merry gang of engineers from SpaceX, Boeing, Google and Willow Garage, started Zipline in 2011 to make and use drones for social good. The company beat Amazon and FedEx to the punch, firing up drone-based logistics in 2016. In two years, they have logged more than 186,000 miles and over 4,000 deliveries.
11 Alternatives to Zipline

Store your sperm. Stop the clock.

Dadi is a sperm storage solution for men and families - we offer an at-home male fertility test and sperm storage kit.

Dadi's mission is to normalize the conversation around male reproductive health.

Men have a biological clock just like women and we believe that they should have the option to start a family when the time is right for them.

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NEW YORK, Jan. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dadi, the men's health company that's reinventing the fertility industry, today announces its company launch, offering...
The founders of Dadi - pronounced daddy - think men are in need of a wake-up call. "Men [have] a biological clock just like women, which is something that people don't talk about," Dadi co-founder and chief executive officer Tom Smith told TechCrunch. "Infertility isn't a women's issue; It's both a men's and women's issue."
5 Alternatives to Dadi

Prescription based health products delivered online

Hers is your health, in your hands.

Accessible healthcare, now in your hands. medical grade products delivered to your door to help solve your biggest skin, hair, and sex concerns.

Adam Vaughn Robinson
Adam Vaughn Robinson- Entrepreneur. Startup Strategist.
dead simple way to get birth control pills delivered to your door.
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Hims, known by many for its phallic New York subway advertisements, has raised an additional $100 million in venture capital funding on a pre-money valuation of $1 billion. The round was first reported by Recode and confirmed to TechCrunch by sources with knowledge of the deal.
Business Insider
BI PRIME: Known as Hers, the brand will offer skin, hair, and sexual wellness products including Addyi, a sexual dysfunction medication for women.
HIMS has a new women's brand offering birth control, the 'female viagra,' shampoo, skin care and more.
Men's wellness brand Hims is launching a sister brand, Hers, selling acne creams, vitamins and one medication that's faced a fair share of controversy.
New entrants in the self-care business go beyond skin care and sound baths to market sexual solutions to women.
Fast Company
Can serial entrepreneur Andrew Dudum strike gold twice by applying the same cost-effective solutions for the women's health category that he did for men?
12 Alternatives to Hers

Erectile dysfunction meds prescribed online and delivered

Roman is for men over 18 who are experiencing erectile dysfunction and prefer to receive treatment from the comfort of their home. Get prescribed online, meds delivered to your door.

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Venture capitalists have valued direct-to-consumer telehealth business Ro at $500 million with an $85 million Series B financing, sources confirm to TechCrunch. The fresh round of funding comes seven months after Ro - widely known for its men's health brand Roman, a cloud pharmacy for erectile dysfunction - made headlines with an $88 million Series A.
"When I was 17, I experienced erectile dysfunction." My interviews with startup founders rarely start so candid. But to destigmatize the business of his new company Roman and empathize with customers, Zachariah Reitano is getting vulnerable. "I think in a good way I've become numb to the embarrassment" says 26-year-old Reitano.
Move over, cheesy Cialis bathtubs. There's a sleek new startup targeting men with erectile dysfunction. A first of its kind, Roman is an app that will screen you for ED, let you talk one-on-one with doctors, and even get prescriptions delivered to your door - all without ever leaving your house.
Roman is an online full-service medical portal that will diagnose and prescribe treatment for erectile dysfunction. The service, which launched this week, is available in New York, California, Pennsylvania and Florida. On Roman's website, you answer a series of questions, have your information reviewed by one of the company's licensed physicians and -- if de… See more
Men's Health
Zachariah Reitano was 17 when he realized something was wrong with his health. He was suffering from a disorder most often associated with guys three times his age: erectile dysfunction. "It's a very personal story for me," Reitano told Men's Health.
10 Alternatives to Roman

Viagra delivered discreetly to your door

Eddie is a Viagra Connect subscription service. It helps men get erectile dysfunction medicine with zero hassle and embarrassment.

Speak to our chatbot and we’ll make a decision in less than 60 seconds. We provide free, discreet delivery to your door.

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PA Earlier this year, Viagra became available to Brits without a prescription. While blokes no longer have to go to the doctor to get the pills, some do worry about asking their chemist for them. So many will be pleased to know that you can now get the sexual enhancers sent straight to your home.
7 Alternatives to Eddie

Easy and affordable HIV home test kit and PrEP delivery.

Protect yourself from HIV with a daily pill. Nurx doctors prescribe PrEP conveniently and confidentially. We’ll send you an at-home STI test kit, review your results, and deliver PrEP to your door. Nurx makes PrEP affordable

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The Verge
Californians can now get prescriptions for a daily HIV-prevention pill through an app, with the medicine delivered to their door in a matter of days. The San Francisco-based startup Nurx, which started by offering birth control in 2014, announced at the end of March that they would begin offering Truvada as "PrEP," or an HIV preexposure prophylaxis.
Stigma. Embarrassment. Ignorant health care providers. A lack of insurance coverage. There are many reasons some folks can't access the HIV prevention pill Truvada as PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis). The California-based startup Nurx is offering a solution: Bypass the doctors altogether and have the meds delivered to your home.
Business Insider
Nurx, a Silicon Valley prescription drug delivery startup that once solely dispensed birth control, is launching a new service that allows patients who want HIV-prevention drug Truvada to do the required testing at home. It's a big move for the company, which recently raised $36 million and added Chelsea Clinton to its board of advisers.
5 Alternatives to Nurx for PrEP

At-home kit to check fertility and store your sperm.

Male fertility has halved, and the quality of your sperm declines each year. Today you have the youngest, healthiest sperm you will ever have.

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Harvard innovation labs
The Harvard Innovation Labs, an ecosystem that supports Harvard students and select alumni in exploring innovation and entrepreneurship, today announced that it has selected 13 ventures to participate in the inaugural Launch Lab X accelerator program.
The Independent
"Protect your most valuable assets" proclaims the website, alongside a black and white illustration of a rugged young man in profile. With a name like Legacy, the business could be selling investment products, luxury watches or even legal services. Except the assets in question are of the flesh-and-blood variety.
Men are embracing sperm health, while society is recognizing that fertility isn't just about women. SAN FRANCISCO - Dr. Paul Turek was on his way to speak to employees at a cryptocurrency investment firm one recent afternoon about a growing anxiety for the men in the office: what's going on with their sperm?
Sumit Dayal Bloomberg | Getty Images Forget spit. Some companies are betting men will be willing to send them another, perhaps more personal, piece of their genetic code: sperm. Start-ups, including Legacy and Dadi, are selling kits online that men can use to collect their sperm wherever they please, mail it back and freeze it for months or even years.
6 Alternatives to Legacy Kit
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