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Starter Story

Discover the stories behind successful e-commerce businesses

Starter Story interviews the entrepreneurs behind successful consumer products and e-commerce businesses.

These businesses share their revenue, how they came up with their idea & built the product, and how they grew their business.

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Platform for latest tech news and startup stories

Startupopinions is platform where you can find out latest stuff about startup stories and motivation quotes.

All of us love to do online shopping as in this tech world who does not want to get his/her work done while sitting comfortably at home? Shopping and buying necessities have been made less time consuming, less expensive and much easier and comfortable for us by online e-commerce platforms. It could not have been possible if these e-commerce platforms were no… See more
Whatever it may be Thanksgiving wallpapers are always something more different and unique. In fact, they are very easy to decorate every place especially your computer and house. Sometimes when you look at those desktop wallpaper on your PC or laptop then you will probably remember the best times that you had in your life.
Consulting firm Deloitte provides industry leading audit, consulting, tax and auditory services to a big chunk of the world's most admired brands. In it's latest report on luxury brands named "Global Powers of Luxury goods 2018" includes companies by sales such as LOrèal luxe, Rolex SA, Tiffany and Co., Jimmy Choo plc to name a few.
Have you ever experienced that feeling when after a vacation you cringe about going back to work, hoping you could have stayed back longer or maybe even worked there? Well, there is a startup which has not only achieved this but is also kicking ass at that by doing some uber cool work and setting milestones for various others.
Born 2 NGO with more than 150 volunteers across 5 cities in India and with 100 regular donors has conducted drives in more than 40 slums across India. Born 2 help was planned with the thought of providing a higher quality of life for children living in slums across India.
Standard working hour, i.e. 9 to 5 are outdated in today's generation. They are running towards starting their own business where they are self-employed. Self-owned businesses are for those who don't like to work under a person or may avoid poking of a nose of various unwanted people and also enjoyed by flexible working hours.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, aged 57 is successful equity investor and trader in India. Recently Forbes reported that he is 53 rd richest citizen of India, with a net worth of USD 2.8 Billion . He is professionally a Chartered Accountant that practice in his own firm as to manage his own portfolio being a partner in asset management firm.
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What are best business podcasts in 2017?

Ishwar JhaDigital Transformation Evangelist
The Startup Chat Podcast - Hiten and Steli's unfiltered insights and actionable advice.
"Love this brutal podcast from @hnshah and @steli. It's focused on typical problems and opportunities for young tech companies."
The Twenty Minute VC (podcast) - Learn about venture capital, startup funding and the pitch
"One of the best to listen if you want to learn more about investments and how other investors did it. It's one of my favourites and the way… See more

I am finally trying the podcast thing 💥 Where do I start!? What is/are your favorite?

Girl AlexCofounder @HealthIQ, Via @GS
The Inside Intercom Podcast - Conversations with startup practitioners
"The inside intercom podcast is a wonderful deep-dive into lessons from one of the fastest growing startups."
Breaker - The social podcast app 🎧
"Agree. No better people to give recommendations than your friends. I've found the best podcasts just by checking our what other people ar… See more
Mixergy Startup Stories - Learn from 1000+ interviews including the Product Hunt story
"I'd love for you to check out my podcast. I talk to founders about how they built their businesses"

Which is your favorite podcast?

keyulMaker of Quick Code & Bot Stash
The Inside Intercom Podcast - Conversations with startup practitioners
"Inside Intercom takes a deep-dive approach with every episode, handing out lessons and insights on specific topics in each episode. Very ha… See more
Masters Of Scale with Reid Hoffman - How famous founders take companies from zero to a gazillion
"I started listening to podcast from this one recently and it's one of the best. The first season is just finished. Brian Chesky, Mark Zucke… See more
StartUp - Pitch Perfect 2 - Gimlet decides to raise a Series A
"Hearing about Justin Kan and co.'s crazy startup story from selling their first company on eBay to selling Twitch to Amazon for ~$1B was in… See more
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