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With Mimi Music, in 2 min you can test your hearing, and process the sound of your music to your hearing profile. This means you'll hear more nuances and clarity in the music that you love!

Top Mimi Music 3.0 alternatives
MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
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  • BeatSense

    The game changing music service.
    Play & Discover crowed driven music, alone or in real-time with friends, co-workers and other Beatsters around the world.
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  • SoundR

    Music for how you feel!
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  • In the days of Geocities and Angelfire, a quirky HTML tag called < bgsound > enabled sound files to play in the background of webpages. Usually, these files were in the MIDI format. What a glorious era that was! Sadly, ๏ผœbgsound๏นฅ has been removed from browsers and MIDI is obscure and hard to play back. UNTIL NOW! Check out BitMidi! โœจ

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    You can actually use the site without getting attacked with ads and popups. :)

  • 20v

    Create a custom music channel based on a single song
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