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11 alternative and related products to MILO Mileage Tracker

MILO Mileage Tracker
An automatic mileage tracker for tax reimbursement/deduction
A simple and sophisticated mileage tracker.
Milo automatically tracks and records your mileage in the background as you drive, and can save you thousands of dollars every year.
Simply export your IRS compliant report and apply for your reimbursement.
11 Alternatives to MILO Mileage Tracker

Designed for every driver, Jerrycan tracks your car actual fuel consumption, MPG and mileage. The application becomes your personal coach that helps you improve fuel-efficient driving, cut fuel expenses and reduce the impact on the ecology.

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iPhone: Curious about just how much mileage your car's getting on average? Or if you have different results when you fill up at different gas stations? Or maybe you're just curious about your carbon footprint? Jerrycan's an app that makes tracking all that stuff easy.
Jerrycan - Fuel, MPG and Mileage Tracker. Reduce Fuel Expenses, Improve Eco-driving Skills. ($2.99) by Pavlo Grozian is a beautiful app for keeping track of your car's fuel, MPG, and mileage, right from your iPhone.
Today I want to highlight an interesting new app, Jerrycan for iPhone by Pavlo Grozian which lets you track your fuel consumption and fuel expenses. Unlike most mileage-tracker apps in the App Store, Jerrycan shows you how individual driving impacts the ecology with wealth of information at your fingertips including overconsumption peaks, pollution emission,… See more
Gasoline may be cheaper than ever, but that doesn't mean we should stop paying attention to how many miles per gallon (MPG) our cars actually achieve. Like many things in the modern smartphone era, there are apps to help accomplish this task and provide an eye-opening look at how efficient your automobile is running.
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8 Alternatives to Jerrycan

A simple fuel expenditure monitoring tool. Send us an SMS each time you fill-up and we'll do the rest!

Handling multiple vehicles and drivers for only £1/month.

Non US or UK users can participate by emailing until we've got funding for other country numbers!

First 100 users to use coupon PRODUCTHUNT get 2 months free :)

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