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9 alternative and related products to MESG Orchestrator

MESG Orchestrator
The decentralized way to build software faster
Orchestrate services to create feature-based applications with a simple process file. Use complex technologies like blockchains or AI without needing to manage their complexities.
9 Alternatives to MESG Orchestrator

Bring your workflow to life with Airtable Blocks! Blocks are modular apps you can use to enhance your Airtable bases.

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From small town fire departments to studios handling post production on major motion pictures, we've seen teams of all shapes and sizes achieve more when they're empowered to work the way they want-not the way their software demands. Starting today, you can take your bases (and, dare we say, your work) to the next level with Airtable Blocks.
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Airtable has raised $52 million in Series B funding led by Caffeinated Capital and CRV. Airtable's app uses a simple spreadsheet interface to make it easy to build custom apps. It also launched a new product, called Blocks, to make it easier to use Airtable to build an app.
A massive company probably has plenty of engineers on staff and the resources to build a complex backbone of interconnected information that can contain tons of data and make acting on it easy - but for smaller companies, and for those that aren't technical, those tools aren't very accessible.
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Glide Pro takes your apps the next level with support for 25,000 rows, custom branding & domains, in-app purchases, GSuite Shared Drives, background refresh, & email-based access control. And our Data Editor brings logic and code-free formulas to your app. 😎

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We debuted Glide nine months ago, and have been blown away by the apps people have created so far. From sports teams to doctors, from politicians to protestors, from students to seniors, it's amazing to hear from people who never thought they'd build an app.
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Zeroqode 2.0 is a one-stop shop for both No-Code products (templates, courses, backends, web2native) and services. We offer a growing number of functional app templates with polished UI/UX. No-code tools and technology make launching new products and services up to 10x faster. No programming skills required.

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Codeless development platforms are at once a blessing and a curse. If they're complete enough to be powerful they are too difficult for beginners and if they're simple enough for beginners they're useless for serious work. Zeroqode, a one-stop-shop for codeless creation, aims to m...
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Webiny ( is all you’ll need as a web developer to build an application.

From an API layer, to frontend components, backend framework and admin template – even ready-made apps are included – and it’s all fully documented, free and open-source.

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Hedgehog is an alternative to MetaMask that manages a user's wallet in the browser.
- No more mnemonic passphrases.
- No more irritating popups.
- No more fumbling with private keys and wallets.

Build DApps like apps.
Give users the great UX they expect.

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In a press release shared with BTCManager on May 30, 2019, Audius, a decentralized and open source music sharing service currently in its beta, revealed that it will be launching Hedgehog. The product is a client-side Ethereum wallet that can be used to interact with dApps without confirming transactions, using...
Consumer web3 providers like MetaMask treat every transaction as if it were spending your life savings. But do you use the change in your pocket with the same level of care as your bank account...
7 Alternatives to Hedgehog
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