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12 Alternatives to MERRY JANE

Healthy recipe kits for cannabis infusion

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Meal-kit delivery services have become a multibillion-dollar industry, and with the popular service Blue Apron cashing in a cool $800 million just last year, other industries are looking at ways to get in on the action. With fresh, pre-measured ingredients right at your fingertips, traditional meal kits advertise themselves as being both healthy and waste-co… See more
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No this isn't an espresso machine. It's an at-home cannabis oil infuser, one that would fit right in on the shelves of Bed, Bath & Beyond (in the Beyond section). LEVO Oil is the name of this Colorado-based product that is the first of its kind in the world.
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The LEVO Oil Infuser makes infusing food with cannabis easier than ever before. It looks like a coffee maker but what it produces will give you a different kind of buzz. You can make cannabutter or cannabis cooking oil with the push of a few buttons.
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Real-time cannabis plant diagnosis

Kindbot Buddy is a real time cannabis plant diagnosis app that can diagnose 22 of the most common cannabis plant stressors. Simply scan your grow and Buddy will return the top three likely culprits ranked by how confident it is of each result. You can also check out where you'll get helpful recommendations for solutions.

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KindBot harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide cannabis growers an advanced technology solution in a pint-sized package. Kristina Etter Before becoming a freelance cannabis writer, Kristina Etter, spent 20 years in corporate information technology with companies including Maytag Appliances, Wells Fargo Financial, and DuPont Pioneer.
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5 Alternatives to Kindbot Buddy

Online medical marijuana evaluations for CA patients at $25

EazeMD is online medical cannabis recommendation that will deliver it right to you in case you need it. It is really simple UX application that will video-connect you to a doctor and give you a prescription.

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For $30, those in need of marijuana for medical purposes in California can now get a doctor's recommendation without leaving the couch. San Francisco-based weed delivery service launched an EazeMD app on Monday that allows users to have marijuana prescribed to them by a doctor via a quick video chat.
Medical Daily
Since becoming the first state to effectively legalize marijuana for medical purposes in 1996, California has paved the way for weed-related innovations by showing that states with medical marijuana laws have fewer opioid overdoses, and now it's launching a medical marijuana delivery service in San Francisco.
Eaze MD isn't your traditional medical marijuana ID card provider. These guys have actually taken it to the next level. EazeMD help you get your medical marijuana card and once approved, you can even purchase from them some quality 420 through their advanced technological platform and have it delivered through their "Eaze Weed" delivery service.
Consultations costs $30 (after a $10 mailed rebate), which is significantly less expensive than what the clinics ( around San Francisco, at least) charge. Plus, once the patient is approved, they can immediately order product from the Eaze website for delivery. However, unlike going to a clinic in real life, consulting with a doctor on EazeMD is pants-option… See more
I'll begin this story with a disclaimer: I rarely smoke weed. Aside from the few times that I've tried it recreationally, marijuana has never really appealed to me as it does to the millions of Americans who light up for medical purposes or just for fun.
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