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Memory Clean
The best memory cleaning app for Macs
7 Alternatives to Memory Clean

Keep your Mac clean, fast, and secure in two clicks.

CleanMyMac X is the 10th anniversary edition of CleanMyMac, a native macOS tool that daily cleans one million Macs worldwide. The app does all the essential housekeeping on a Mac: deletes tons of junk and malware, and makes a computer faster and more organized. You can use CleanMyMac X to manage storage, apps, and monitor the health of your Mac.

Solomen Nguyen
Solomen Nguyen- I love Tech and I am a freelacer.
I tried to research a lot. I decided to buy CleanMyMac X when I've read a review here: It's awesome app!
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My Mac gets pretty kludged up with software. I also work it hard and don't really take much care of it. One thing that I do use to keep it running smoothly is CleanMyMac by MacPaw. And the latest update - CleanMyMac X - brings a number of cool new features to the utility making it even more useful than ever.
I've been recommending CleanMyMac to friends and family for a while now, and it gets better with every version. CleanMyMac X was released yesterday, with powerful new tools for optimizing and protecting your Mac. The app, which ranges in price from a $40 annual subscription to a $90 one-time purchase, is a macOS utility for clearing out unneeded, unused, and… See more
CleanMyMac is an app that monitors your system and recommends data to purge. With one click of the Scan button, you can dump gigabytes of built up caches, unused apps, mail attachments, temporary memory, and a whole lot more.
Individual apps are rarely so valuable as to be virtually mandatory for computer users, but Apple's lack of macOS system cleanup tools has been an issue for many years, leaving users hungry for speed-boosting tools.
MacPaw today announced the launch of CleanMyMac X, an updated version of the CleanMyMac software that's designed to help users get rid of unwanted files and clean up space on their Macs. According to MacPaw, CleanMyMac X offers up a new Malware Removal option along with 14 tools for optimizing macOS.
There's a lot of junk that builds up on a Mac over time. The Trash fills up as do caches. There are also large language files, localizations, and other system files that most people don't need. To eliminate the junk and keep as much space free as possible on my Mac, I've used CleanMyMac by [...]
Schneller und gründlicher soll die neue Version von CleanMyMac sein, die nun zur Unterscheidung ein "X" nachgestellt bekommt und als CleanMyMac X deutlich mehr Funktionen aufweist. Zunächst fällt die noch schickere und "luftigere", überarbeitete Benutzeroberfläche des Tools auf. Vor allem aber soll CleanMyMac X laut Entwickler Macpaw nun internen Tests zufol… See more
L'éditeur MacPaw fait profiter d'une petite exclusivité aux abonnés de Setapp, son bouquet d'apps sur abonnement (9,99 $ par mois) : ces derniers y trouveront en effet la nouvelle version 4.0 de CleanMyMac, alias CleanMyMac X. L'efficace application de nettoyage de fichiers sur Mac sera proposée dans une version " solo " à partir de ce mercredi 5 septembre.
Indie app maker MacPaw updated its Mac cleaning software with a new major version called CleanMyMac X (which is different from MacKeeper). It's hard to believe, but CleanMyMac currently has 5 million users. CleanMyMac X helps you remove unneeded files and get an overview of what is slowing down you...
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A lightweight drive manager for Mac

Serhii Butenko
Serhii Butenko- Cocoa Engineer
A really awesome drive manager for Mac. Clean and manage your external HDD and flash card in one click
Roman Powolzkiy
Roman Powolzkiy
CleanMyDrive 2 is a lightweight disk manager for external and internal drives
Sandro Mancini
Sandro Mancini- Seek max(utility) & min(fuss+cash)
Good for "ejecting" installations and USB drives quickly, no need to open Finder for that.
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4 Alternatives to CleanMyDrive 2

Monitor your ping in your Mac menu bar

Ping Man is a simple Mac menu bar app to monitor your ping.

👀 Always keep an eye on it, it's displayed on your menu bar.

⚡️ Check which apps consume the most network.

✏️ Change the URL you want to ping.

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See what's on the roadmap for Ping Man. Discuss and vote on ideas to make Ping Man better.
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9 Alternatives to Ping Man

Smart assistant for better Mac performance

MacFly Pro is a simple yet powerful Mac cleaner that keeps an eye on your Mac and ensures its well-being. The app cleans user and system caches, broken application data and media leftovers. MacFly Pro also handles old files and duplicates on your Mac, and uninstalls rarely used app.

Amy Plunkett
Amy Plunkett- Travel Blogger
I've just found them and freed up over 7gb on my Macbook. I like its simple interface and it has a free month of experience for Product Hunters with the code PHBIRD
9 Alternatives to MacFly Pro

iOS sync and iTunes cleaning at a glance

SyncBird is a free desktop app for macOS, which is made to solve common iOS sync and iTunes cleaning problems. Main benefits:

- Simplify iTunes sync into one-step workflow

- Free up space on iPhone

- Slim down bloated iTunes library by cleaning up iTunes junks

- Rebuild iTunes library from iPhone, iPod

- Manage iPhone photos, music without iTunes.

4 Alternatives to SyncBird
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