Alternative products to MeetPass

5 alternative and related products to MeetPass

Share all your social accounts and contact info in one scan.

It's tiring exchanging all your social media accounts with every person you meet. With MeetPass, meeting new people doesn't have to involve the same repetitive chore you're used to. MeetPass is the ideal way to share your contact information and social accounts with others. It's your digital business card that can be shared with one scan.

5 Alternatives to MeetPass

A physical counter for all your social accounts

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In fairness, it isn't actually meant for people like you with egos the size of mountain ranges. FlapIt hopes businesses will adopt it to show off just how amazing their Yelp ratings and Twitter follower counts are, not to mention use it as some neat-looking analog signage.
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Want to show off your cupcake business' Facebook fan count, Twitter followers or Yelp rating in your store? Flapit can do just that, sitting by your cash register, in your window front or on your wall, for $299.
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Taking social media back a few decades In an era of rampant social media obsession, FlapIt has found a way to bring a little flair to tracking your social stats. With a design based on the iconic split-flap clocks of the '60s. Debuting at CES, FlapIt's eponymous product will track your social media follows, likes, and subscriptions.
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All your important links in one place

Most of us use social media in our daily lives, we all have mutliple profiles and share urls almost daily. Sadly the majority of social media sites only offer one url per profile. Using linkkle you can add upto 10 links and replace your social media profile url to your linkkle profile and have all your important links in one place.

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Decisions, decisions. Do you link to your Instagram profile on your Twitter feed or your Facebook page? Or maybe you want to showcase your Github, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages but there's only one URL field which means you have to choose.
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