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9 alternative and related products to Managify


Create & organize all your documents in a single platform.

Managify is an integrated platform for creating and organizing projects, notes, spreadsheets, bookmarks, passwords, files and calendar. It combines the organizational capabilities of Evernote with the comprehensiveness of document user interfaces of Microsoft Office.

9 Alternatives to Managify

The ultimate image organizer for the Mac.

Chris Messina
Chris Messina- Product designer & entrepreneur
I used to use LittleSnapper, then Ember, but I've totally switched to Pixave. It's not perfect, but it's close.
Chris Messina
Chris Messina- Product designer & entrepreneur
At least for saving screenshots and the like, it's my go-to tool for my personal library. Won't help w/ writing down product ideas though.
Jerry Shan
Jerry Shan- iOS Developer
Building up your own library of inspirations
Rating and price
9 Alternatives to Pixave 2.0

Sneha Mittal
Sneha Mittal
Its free to use, and it's helpful in organizing my contacts and setting automated follow ups. I worked with Excel for quite some time, but it didnt allow me to send reminders or follow ups automatically which became painful quite quickly as my contacts grew.
Anshuman Chadda
Anshuman Chadda- MD MPH; Physician Entrepreneur
It is really designed for marketers, NOT a fan for personal use. and there is constant nagging request for upgrade.
Jason Scheckner
Jason Scheckner- Start Up Sales Guru, VP @HiredScore
I've tried many of these platforms, and it feels like there are more of them every day. My personal choice for a start CRM is HubSpot. It has easy to use out of the box features. Many of my friends also swear by PipeDrive. Finally, I was looking at but never really tried ProsperWorks, but if you are on GSuite, it's well reviewed.
15 Alternatives to HubSpot CRM

Document and organize every phone call instantly in HubSpot

The Aircall-HubSpot integration gives you easy access to crucial information and context before jumping on a call with a lead, prospect, or client.

The in-app link redirects you to the right contact on HubSpot before starting your conversation. Every call interaction is automatically logged in your free HubSpot CRM.

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Aircall was the phone systems ability to instantly integrate with HubSpot. This turned the vision for an all-in-one platform into a reality. The integration has allowed Vacasa's teams to automatically sync their call information into HubSpot. It surfaces all caller data during calls and automatically links the audio recordings to HubSpot contact records.
9 Alternatives to Aircall for HubSpot

The simplest design tool for business documents

Xara Cloud is the easiest way for businesses to create engaging documents, manage and build their brand and boost workplace collaboration through a single easy to use drag and drop platform. No design or technical experience needed.

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Xara is on a mission to help businesses create better looking content, and in turn save us all from having to consume visually unappealing marketing and comms material. The German startup has developed Xara Cloud, a design tool that resides in the cloud and attempts to bridge the gap between profes...
Berlin-based Xara, a document design platform, has raised a €3 million round from Bellevue Investments & Co. The company's new software, Xara Cloud, is a browser-based document editor that allows businesses to easily create a range of professional-looking business documents and content, including presentations, social media advertisements, catalogs, web bann… See more
9 Alternatives to Xara Cloud

Declutter all those downloads that have been hanging around.

Go through each and every file, and either keep in Documents, or place it in trash.

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 Now we have become very big, Different from the original idea. Collect premium software in various categories. - jaywcjlove/awesome-mac
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4 Alternatives to Torimori Sweeper
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