Alternative products to Mahinarium Selfie Dolls

12 alternative and related products to Mahinarium Selfie Dolls

Mahinarium Selfie Dolls
Have a selfie doll made in your likeness
12 Alternatives to Mahinarium Selfie Dolls

Make your own inflatable mini-me 👯

25inch is blow-up doll meets your face. Is it cool or weird to own a 2-foot-tall inflatable replica of yourself? If you think cool, invites you to grab your favorite headshot and upload it for transformation into an adorable, air-filled you.

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6 Alternatives to 25inch Me

Create your own 3D printed tabletop figurines ⚒

Bring your characters to life and design your perfect custom tabletop miniatures with over two trillion combinations of races, weapons, items and outfits to choose from! Get started in seconds with no sign up required - 🎲

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After over a year of development and user testing, we're super excited to announce the official launch of Anvl Custom Miniatures 🎉 Anvl Minis - Anvl Custom Miniatures is an easy to use web and mobile app that allows you to bring your characters to life and create your one of a kind custom miniatures using a huge selection of high quality content.
7 Alternatives to Anvl Custom Miniatures

Luxurious pet portraits on demand

L'animorphe is Dutch designer Tein Traniello's company, making pet owners around the world happier with his creative pet-portraits. All you need to do is provide a snap of your pet along with details of their personality, the color scheme of your home interior and he will work his magic. Price range $300-$500.

9 Alternatives to L'animorphe

Selfie together from different places, in REAL-TIME!

We make it possible for you to take selfies with anyone across the globe, in real time, even though you both are in complete different parts of the world!

1. User registers on the app and adds their friends.

2. They video call each other and the call is always in a landscape mode (split screen).

3. They strike a pose and click!

Within a few seconds, our AI technology will identify the person in a photo, accurately segment them and blend them in another photo. Users do not have to do anything manually. We allow people to have photos at places they were not physically present at, in real time!

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