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Magicplan alternatives and competitors

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Top Magicplan alternatives
  • A framework to create Augmented Reality experiences for iOS
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    We're implementing ARKit scenes into Episode 2 of our Victorian detective adventure Silent Streets: https://youtu.be/n6xY0p-IjC4

    Apple's tec…

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  • Made With ARKit

    Hand-picked curation of the coolest stuff made with ARKit
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  • Decorator

    Let others redesign your room for free
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  • Floorplanner is the easiest and best-looking way to create and share interactive floorplans online.

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    I was able to create our floorplan faster than the interior designer we hired. Plus I liked my plan better using Floor Planner.

  • Vossle is a No-Code WebAR development SaaS platform with which businesses can create augmented reality in under 1 minute. It requires No-app downloads to experience world target, image target based campaigns, games or face detection based tryons.
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  • Archibnb offers an usual service to Airbnb and short term rental hosts - a professional floor plan to improve their listing. This gives potential guests a whole new level of information enables them to make a better decision.
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  • Floor Plan Agency

    A simple floor plan communicates transparency, clarity and trust.
    The floor plan is one visual that adds up all information and can be critical for a guests decision to stay at your place or not.
    Get your floor plan for your Airbnb or Booking.com listing.
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  • Planner 5D

    Easily Create 3D Interior Designs
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  • Hololink

    Free options
    Hololink is a complete solution for prototyping, creating, collaborating, and sharing interactive AR experiences.
    Our unique interface makes creation easier than ever, while our web-based makes the experiences available on any device, through the browser.
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  • The Wild is a cloud-based collaboration platform that enables designers to create and share immersive experiences using any virtual or augmented reality device, enabling streamlined workflow by combining design creation, sharing, and presentation into a single extended-reality workspace.

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    I've really enjoyed getting to know this product, and I believe designers of many idioms will take to it immediately.